30 October 2012

Fallen leaves

It's the day after the super storm. I spent a good deal of energy preparing for the worst, which never happened, thank goodness. I got all the leaves cleared out of my backyard and the deck furniture put away. Things I had to do eventually anyway. We had a lot of rain and wind and ferocious wind gusts. I went out a few times in my head-to-toe rain gear to walk Emily's dog. Otherwise I ate and watched TV. It was a lazy day. We never lost power, for which I remain thankful. I was very surprised that my salon stayed closed today. I know a lot of people lost power; that must be the reason. It rained all day and was cold and gray. I can't wait to see the sun again! What I'll remember most of the aftermath was how bright and beautiful the fallen leaves were. Bright green ones that weren't ready to come off mixed with the colorful ones that were.

My mom was moved to a rehab center last Tuesday. Poor, poor Mom. She's in so much pain. She's SO sorry that she let this happen by doing something, in her words, stupid. I don't like the rehab center at all. There are some wonderful caring people that work there, but for the most part it's far below par. I'm not sure how long she'll have to stay there. I'm counting the days till she can get out and back to her home. Yesterday was her 80th birthday. I decorated her room a little. She's received a lot of cards. We'll have a real celebration when she's better. She deserves it!

Till the next time....


Retired Knitter said...

I am local to you and I know that all rehab centers are not alike. You should shop around. Once our family members reach a certain age, the like-ly hood of rehab becomes more common. Maybe for next time you can select a better place since she is settled where she is now. In 2011 I was through this several times with my mother. If you want to contact me for some suggestions of local places for next time, contact me at retiredknitter@gmail.com. Or leave me a message on my blog - http://mynext20yearsofliving.blogspot.com. I am happy to share what I know.

I am friends with Happy One - incase you are worried about contact with strangers. And I am not professionally associated with any particular rehab, just a concerned daughter like you.

happyone said...

Hope your mom recovers quickly and gets back to her home.

I too noticed how pretty the green leaves looked with the pretty colored ones!

So glad we didn't lose power either - light flickered a bit, but that was all.

Yes, I love my rain pants!!

Lena said...

So glad you did so well during the storm. So did we. We never lost power and had no property damage. It sure was a scary time though!

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