24 November 2013

Four paragraphs, for lack of a better title

I put all my layers on and went out to walk but the wind gusts and cold temperature made for a very short walk. My weather app says it feels like 17° with the wind chill. The hood of my coat kept blowing down. Time to buy a real hat. The wind made interesting patterns in the fallen leaves. Sparky loved chasing them. I'll rake or leaf-blow in earnest the next nice day. This isn't a picture near my house. My entire backyard is covered in leaves. It's covering moss, not grass, so I'm not in a hurry to get the job done.

Clients are gearing up for the holidays and we stylists are hopping. I think it takes being one to even understand how hard it is to deal with the stress of staying on time without showing that stress. It's sometimes impossible to even take a bathroom break when you're running late and your next client is shampooed and waiting for you. No one likes to wait, and I take pride in staying on time. One late client can cause you to run late for the next 5 clients. I'm not complaining, really. Most days run smoothly without anyone having a clue. Besides, I try not to sweat the small stuff and it's mostly all small stuff. I love my job. At least half of my clients leave with a hug.

I'm really sore from my workout on Thursday, especially around my lower ribcage, of all places. I meant to get to the gym and swim this morning but I didn't. I'd like to do it now, but don't want to leave my house. I was going to say my warm house, but it's not warm. And that's with my walking layers still on. I wonder how much money I'm really saving by keeping the thermostat low. It just doesn't make sense to me to heat the whole house when I use a small portion of it. My daughter has a portable heater in her bedroom. I just bought one for the family room. I'm about to turn it on and cover up with a blanket and try to read my bookclub book.

I went on a date last night. We started at a restaurant; I love to eat out. Then we went to Middleton Tavern in Annapolis to see a band, Sweet Leda. Lots of dancing and camaraderie. It was a fun night out. This morning I met my friend Kit at Starbucks for oatmeal and coffee. We get together most every weekend. It's great to have long-time friends. Kit and I have known each other since high school. She's retiring next month. I hope she joins my gym so I have a workout partner.

Hasta la próxima ...
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happyone said...

17 sounds almost warm. : )
So a date! Someone new?

KathyA said...

Glad you're writing again!
I don't think I could do your job. And I KNOW you stress about your being prompt and it's appreciated!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Oh it is so nice to see you checking in here again. I remember well the days when we all kept track of each other. FB has simplified that, but has taken away the personal interaction and certainly the comfort of being able to share more. I do not want to be cold in the winter or warm in the summer in my house, but Papa Bear is pretty frugal about energy consumption. We satisfy that with a good standing fan in the summer (along with ceiling fans) and a wonderful little ceramic floor heater in the winter that keeps me toasty. I agree with it being silly to keep all the rooms we hardly use warm. I have a little heater in the bathroom which is so nice for those chilly mornings getting ready for work, and one near my desk at work to keep my toes and fingers warm. Inexpensive and great! Enjoy your evenings snuggled in to read. I think having a long time friend would be such a wonderful thing!

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