02 December 2013

Catchin' Up

Hi again,
I can't let too many days to go by without writing, because I'm back and to really be present you need to be present. Writing helps me remember my life, because time flies. I woke up around 4:30 this morning and couldn't fall back asleep. Finally I decided to get out of bed and read my book club book and write here. That was an hour ago. I've been on Facebook instead.

I've gone to my gym 3X so far, swimming every time. Swimming is as close to meditating as I get (so far). I swim 36 laps/1 mile. It's 50 minutes of constant motion (breast stroke). The first third is an effort. The second I'm anticipating how close I am to the third. The last is instintive. I've been spending a few minutes in the hot tub afterward, then 10 minutes (if I can stand it) in the sauna. When I leave the gym after showering, etc, I feel transformed. I last went on Thanksgiving day and had the pool to myself. I decided not to shower afterward and do it at home. I decided I needed a Starbucks. I'm glad I didn't run into anyone I knew in my uncombed, chlorined, half-dried hair. 

I spent the night before Thanksgiving at my brother's with a few of his friends. We had an array of Chinese food for dinner, and did a lot of cooking and socializing and relaxing. There were 20 of us for dinner. Here's a few pictures:

My brother's family + 1

Emily and one of her favorite cousins (she has a lot!)

Like mother, like daughter

Part II of the dating game. I met another guy online, Bill. I liked him. Smart, worldly, well-spoken, fit, funny and adventurous. He was a real foodie and loved to dine out. We went out about five times, and had a great time, everytime. After our last great date, and texts that night saying what a wonderful time we each had, I never heard from him again. I sent a few texts. One funny email. One last email saying I thought he was a better man than to just disappear like he did. It shall remain a mystery. I know he's still alive because a friend is on the same dating site and can browse 'invisibily', and he's still logging on. I have moved on.

I went hiking on Friday with a new friend :) He's the shadow! That's his dog with Sparky.

I hosted Hanukkah at my house on Saturday night. There were 10 of us. It was relaxed. The food was great, especially the brisket (if I do say so myself). I love to entertain and bring people together (plus it's a great way to get my house clean). It was so nice to have my parents here. They were pretty funny. My dad is really quiet. My mother told the story (not nice) that my dad says her father paid him to marry her. My dad, from his quiet spot on the couch, said, 'not enough'. We all know my mother was the prize.

Sister Lisa, my brother and his daughter Hannah.

Mom and Emily and Sparky

A sweet picture of Barbara and my dad

I better sign off for now. I haven't read my book (it's become a monkey on my back) and I need to walk. Forty six miles till I reach my goal. I'm ready to enjoy the last day of my 5-day vacation. As always, it will be a very full day. 

Addio amici


Rebecca said...

I'm glad your back!

KathyA said...

Screw Bill -- and I'm glad you got that last comment in.
Great pics -- looks like you had such a nice holiday. And that comment from your father was priceless!

Forsythia said...

Loved seeing pictures of your family. You and your daughter have great hair, BTW,

Josie Two Shoes said...

Loved this post with all the awesome family photos! You excel at warm, comfortable, well-fed gatherings, it is your talent for sure, along with hair that people love! Your daughter looks more like you with every passing year, amazing and beautiful! Now I know how Sparky's new BFF came into the picture! Keep stepping into the game and eventually you'll land in just the right spot, maybe this time, maybe next, maybe a few down the road. Part of the fun is in the weeding out of those that aren't special enough for us to let them be part of your life! :-) I think not responding at all, just doing the disappearing act is a true sign of immaturity. Real adults communicate!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Your father's comment sparked a memory of mine. When my mother's parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary (she had cancer and they knew there wouldn't be a 50th) my grandfather's now infamous comment was "that's a hell of a long time to be with one woman!" Wow! What a charmer, huh? He is so lucky she put up with him all those years!!

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