18 January 2014

Inspired by coffee

The last two days at work have been SO busy. I'm so grateful I can keep up. I work with people half my age who complain about how beat they are. I'm lucky. I have my mom's genes and my family's work ethic. Not to say I wasn't SO glad to find that my last client cancelled and I got to leave 30 minutes early. Bonus that I really needed. And here I am at Starbucks with my super-charged latte getting energized. Happy me. Simple things. My plan was to watch Scandal on Netflix here, but the wi-fi is too slow so I'm listening to John Lennon and writing. My segue time between earlier and later. And talking about Starbucks, which is very corporate, it's still a great gathering place. My new favortie coffee place is City Dock in Annapolis, and when I'm there, I'm there. 

Years ago I was really into stamping. Rubber stamping. I was obscessed by it. I loved buying all the art supplies and the organizers to store everything in. I loved the whole creative process. Using my watercolor pencils and watercolors. The design. The composition. I'd go to Border's after work and read Rubber Stamping magazines while drinking my latte. I'd get so inspired with the help of the caffeine and the magazines. I never thought the day would come that I wouldn't be stamping. I kept copies of all the cards I ever made. I look at them now and think, I really made these? How could I have? Where did that talent come from? A chunk of my basement holds that part of my life. All the stamps, inks, chalks, watercolors, cardstock, glues, imbossing powders, etc, etc... It needs a new home. I do miss being creative, although of course I'm creative on a daily basis at work. For a while I sewed. I did cross stitch for years. Maybe one day I'll write about my new hobby. Whatever that might be. 

Art at Work


happyone said...

Who knows maybe you'll get back into it again. You got me interested in stamping. I've not done that for a while either. Maybe I'll start again. : )

Lena said...

I love her new hairdo! Beautiful! Great job! Can you post some of the cards you made with the stamping? I would love to see them!

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