08 August 2014


I have about 20 minutes before I leave for work. It's not often that I have time to just sit on my deck and relax. Often I run errands before work. It's nice to take the time to be still. My sister Ilene arrived from GA last night. She's here to spend a lot of time with my parents. The best part is that we get to spend a lot of time together. When my parents lived at home she stayed at their house. Now when she comes she stays with me for a week. We're happy about that. 

I've been busy having fun. I've gone out kayaking with my main group, The Chesapeake Kayak Adventure Club (CKA) almost every Wednesday after work. This past Wednesday there were 30 of us. We stopped midway to share food and fun. I'm getting to know a lot of my fellow kayakers. I'm making new friends. I have a big paddle coming up on Sunday on the Eastern Shore. I can't wait!  

Last night I went to an outdoor event in Annapolis to hear music. There were 10 of us amongst about a hundred people on lawn chairs. The venue was on the watefront. 

So...there's always something fun for me to do. I'm soaking up every moment of the summer that I can.

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Martha said...

I enjoy reading about your kayaking...it's not a big sport where I live and it looks fun and relaxing!

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