22 October 2006

What to do on a Saturday night? Go to the mall with your teenage daughter? Hang out at the Apple store and take pictures with their photobooth software? It was a lot of fun, actually. The only money we spent was on our food court dinner. So, it was a cheap night out and some good mother/daughter time. We came home and went to our respective computers. I finished watching all the episodes of Jericho. I LOVE watching TV on my laptop. The picture is crystal clear and there's a minimum of commercials. I've become a real TV junkie. I remember when I watched nothing. My old hairdresser friend Louis told me I had to watch TV so I could be informed and have things to talk about with my clients. Well, I watch TV now. Do I talk to my clients about it? Not much, but I am entertained.

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Sarah said...

I LOVE Jericho - I could come over for a trim and we could talk about it! haha! How do you watch it on your laptop?

Emily broke up with us yesterday (I do love giving her a hard time - she was so funny). We'll be missing her. I told her to tell her Dad to take more vacations so we can have her around sometimes. Boo-hoo! She also told us she hid a progress report. I tried to explain that my Mom snooped in my room, too, and when she has her own children she will see that it is not wrong. She also told us she had 700 text messages - whew! Does she have callouses on her fingers?? My goodness!

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