08 October 2006

Ya know, I think it might be more relaxing to work than be off. It feels like I never stop on the weekends. At work, I only have my job to do. I don't have to cook, clean, mother, shop, etc. I'm surrounded by people that like me. I never get attitude. Can you tell I have a 13 year old daughter? That's a happy face you see in the picture. Must have something to do with getting her very first cellphone. Happy Birthday Emily.

Last night was my daughter's birthday sleep-over. I actually had a good time trailing behind the girls at the mall. I was totally entertained watching the hordes stroll. My daughter wasn't thrilled to have me there, but the others seemed to like me. I was a cool and accommodating mom (I have hopes my daughter will appreciate me one day). The girls stayed up late and slept in till 10. Changed my routine, but I didn't mind at all.

My frog's still around. I think that's cool. He moves off the handle when I need to use the grill, and reappears on the Char Broil lid when next I take off the cover. I like that. The nights are getting chillier and I wonder what will happen to him.

I went to two Starbucks this weekend. The first one was a free-standing store and the other was a Safeway. I got some kind of caramel drink both times and the first one was so much better. Safeway has a machine that dispenses a finished drink. I'll have to watch how they do it at a regular Starbucks store. Border's is my first choice but the cafe's are closed for remodeling.

La de da...

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