02 May 2010

The best laid plans

I've been sitting on my porch for what feels like hours. Actually, it has been hours. Just relaxing. Being still and watching nature. Reading the newspaper. The day will get busy, and being tired, which I am, won't stop that.

Parents Update

My dad is doing pretty well in rehab. He wants out, badly. My sister visited him yesterday, brought lunch, and took him outside. She gave him a pep talk about getting dressed. He's been wearing a hospital gown the whole time he's been there, though almost everyone else is dressed. He says it's just easier. I spoke to him and reinforced what she said. The staff needs to see him take care of himself. We'll see if he's dressed when I visit today. I'll stop at the grocery store on my way and bring lunch.

My mom was doing great yesterday. She was in a chair, she was talkative and she was hungry for real food. She called as I was leaving Borders and on my way to see her, very agitated that I wasn't there yet. When I got there, she looked terrible. She was moaning and nauseous and terribly uncomfortable. She hadn't been seen by a doctor all day. I had the nurse in and out of her room, and she assured me the doctor had been paged. My mom was freezing, and 3 blankets didn't help. She was shivering and I noticed that her lips were blue. She started wheezing terribly. I got the nurse, and all hell broke loose as the room filled with staff and I was made to leave. Yes, I was scared to death. Her blood pressure skyrocketed and she was in respiratory distress. They did all kinds of tests, and got the situation under control. She was moved to ICU so she could be closely monitored. Her nurse was wonderful. When I left, my mom was resting comfortably in her nice, quiet room. I called at 6 this morning and Mom's nurse told me my mom slept well, was doing great, and would probably be moved back to her old room today. I spoke to my mom and she said she felt perfect. My sister is with her now. I'll be there later.

I watered the newly-planted annuals when I got up. I love puttering in the garden. I went inside for a minute and when I came out there was a pair of Mallard ducks walking down the sidewalk. They were gone by the time I got my camera. Last year they laid eggs in my garden. Once was enough. I've seen the day go from cloudy and humid to breezy and sunny. I saw my first goldfinch. Still no hummingbirds. There's loads of bees around here, but none have bothered me. I wish I could sit here all day, but alas, it's time to get moving.
Plan for the day

Rob will be here in a while and he'll go to the rehab center with me. We'll have lunch with my father and hang out, hopefully, outside. We'll go to Emily's school afterward to see the matinee of Grease! Emily saw it Friday night and said it was fantastic. After that, and maybe some dinner, we'll visit my mother. Till whenever. I hope all goes according to plan.


Golden To Silver Val said...

wow, you have a busy day! Me? I'll be doing laundry. I should have done it yesterday but preferred to veg instead.....so today I pay the piper. Enjoy your day, I hope the weather cooperates.

Lena said...

It has got to be so hard with both of your parents in the hospital/rehab.Glad you mom is OK, that must have been so frightening!

You are lucky you have your garden to bring you such joy, especially during all this family crisis!

Enjoy Grease. Sounds like a good way to spend a Sunday Afternoon!

KathyA said...

You're busy! I'm happy to hear both parents are progressing -- hopefully your dad will dress and the staff will see he can take care of himself.

Richard and I went over to Lissa's today -- the movers were here this morning getting the rest of her big stuff. We put together her and the baby's bedrooms. I set up the kitchen pretty much on Friday. Richard went through like a whirling dervish clearing out boxes and anything that wasn't tied down. He even cut her 'lawn'.

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