27 May 2010

Rolla Coaster

Stress level at the moment = high. This morning and last night = low. Life is a roller coaster. Would it be boring if it was fine, just fine?

I had the kind of night I love last night: sitting on my porch with my fan blowing on me and my laptop on my lap. I stayed out till dark. The ruby-throated hummingbirds not only spent a lot of time at my feeders, but one stayed perched atop a shepherd's hook supporting one of them for minutes on end. What wondrous creatures hummingbirds are. I think we only have this one variety in MD. Too bad for us. So good for me that an activity like this recharges my batteries and for a while, at least, makes everything right in the world.

Actually, things are pretty good. My relationship with my daughter has been good for a while now. I relaxed about some things and it made the world of difference. Who said conventional is the only way to go? Things are good with Rob. Work is always good. The garden is looking great. My weight is still down. My knees hurt, but I think they'll get better.

I brought my mother home from the rehab center today. Both parents are now in the same facility. I mean house! I spent 12 hours with my father on Monday. 6 hours with them today. My mind is a highway right now and it's rush hour traffic. So many details are in my head, but they need to be right now until I get them figured out. I'm talking mostly about multiple doctor's appointments and home visits for both for OT, PT and visiting nurses. It will all work out...I'm sure of that.

It's brutally hot today. If the pool were open I'd be so happy cause I'd be in the water. I was so anxious to leave my parent's house, but it's too hot to do anything outside. So, I'm at Caribou Coffee having a strawberry banana smoothie. It's very delicious. My stress level is going down. I think I'll head home. Mow the lawn. Order a pizza. Sit on the porch. Sound good? It does to me.


C.A. said...

I wish I had hummingbirds, but none yet. :(

Taking care of your parents can turn into a full time job. Know that I'm thinking of you, my friend.

Enjoy your evening on the porch!

Big Hugs...


Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Keep finding those things that will bring your stress level down. You have a lot on your plate right now, but it's very important that you take time to relax and recharge.
I love to sit on the deck and watch hummingbirds.

Susie @ A Slice of My Life said...

All those downs make all the ups even sweeter. Hmmm...I can't remember the last time I saw a hummingbird.

Lena said...

Porches are just the best.

Wonderful news that your mom is home. She must be so happy! Now you have them both under one roof, that should help with the running around some. But I know carting people back and forth to appointments is stressful!

Good luck.

Jules said...

I'm starting to hate you. You become younger and more beautiful every day!! Love the picture.

Wishing you perfect weather for the weekend.


KathyA said...

And it sounds good to me, too.

happyone said...

You sound very busy but able to have some nice relaxing time too which is good. You will be able to relax a bit when you come over Sunday too. :-)
You will be seeing me soon at work. My roots are showing again!!

Jamie said...

Yea for both parents being home, although I know that only makes things more difficult for you. You will get through this..

Your attitude is awesome. But then, it always is. Big hugs, big hugs. J.

Leann said...

Oh I love hummingbirds! They facinate me.

Hope you enjoy your week and the weather. Share please :-)

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