13 July 2010

Not much, but something

I'm so far behind in posting posts. And reading posts. Last night I spent so much time editing pictures to include in posts that I had no time to post. Geez.

All is well here. Work is easy. I had a great weekend with Rob. Spent a lot of time on a quest for a car for Emily. Went to the pool. Normal mundane stuff.

Hummingbird nest at the neighbor's house and not mine.

This is a snippet from the Seattle Times: "Shaped like an open cup, the nest is fashioned from plant down and other material, all secured with spider web and covered with lichens on the outside." So I'm the neighbor with all the feeders and the birds decide to build a nest across the street. I'm envious, of course, but happy that it's in a place I can see. I hope it's not been abandoned. I walk over every once-in-a-while to see it, but so far it appears to be empty.

Rob's got a new shorter haircut that I like much better.

Rob had been growing his hair out. I liked it better short. As it turned out, so did he and he asked me to cut it. He's one picky client. It's a good thing I like him. I grilled chicken for dinner and our little faux family of three ate out on the deck. Rob got a bad splinter. We forgot to tell him we never go barefoot on the deck.

I loved this hornet/wasp nest. I was lucky I didn't get stung. It's gone now.

I got up real close to take this picture. I didn't realize how dangerous that could be. Fiwa set me straight. I'm glad I got this picture. I sprayed the nest with bee killer this morning. The wasps fell dead to the ground. I took down the nest tonight. It was a little sad. Too bad they picked the corner of my porch to build. That's my spot!

It's past my bedtime. Come back time. I want more of you.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I've never seen a hummingbird's nest. That was fascinating.

The wasp's nest I find scary.

Lena said...

I never saw a hummingbird nest either! Amazing.

Love to hear about your days.

Cindy said...

Now, How did you know that is a hummingbird nest? I would have just thought it was a nest. Hmm.........I'll have to be more aware, I think. Love the post, and the photos.

happyone said...

Cool hummingbird nest!
Great close up of the wasp nest. I just looked up all the different kinds of wasps hornets and yellow jackets. So many different kinds and its hard to tell one from another!!

KathyA said...

A blog featuring two kinds of nests!!! Neat! Yes, getting too close to an active wasp nest could have been AWFUL!!!! Glad you didn't get stung.

Professor M... said...

Wow! That hornets' nest picture is phenomenal! I am glad it didn't cost you a trip to the hospital. Awesome photography!

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