08 July 2010

Two. It's true.

Can it really be that I'm posting twice in one day? I'm impressing myself. I impress easily :)

I wanted to post a picture of the July 4th parade. That was impressive.

On our way back from PA we saw signs that said, 'Fresh Oil and Chips'. Who ever heard of such a thing? I couldn't get a picture of that but pulled over and ran out to get a picture of this sign. Fresh oil, huh? And what's a Red Detour? I think it's a Pennsylvania kind of thing. I don't mean that in a bad way.

My mother let her hair color grow out and went gray over a year ago. It was kind of my idea. It was just too hard to do at home. Too hard to wash it out in the kitchen sink. Too messy to do in the shower. Most everyone loved my mom's silver and gray hair. About 2 months ago she told me she wanted it colored again. She said she felt old when she looked in the mirror. I didn't think she should do it. My sisters didn't think so either. Her brother and SIL were the only ones who told my mother they didn't like it gray. They told her that every time they saw her. I got to thinking about it and realized that there's so many things in my mother's life that she has no control over, and that she should be able to do what she wants with her own hair. So.... today was the day.



She's really happy and we all agree that it looks great. My mom has always been "Laura the redhead". In a way, she's back to 'her old self', as she would say.

After cutting and coloring my mom's hair, we all went out to a Chinese buffet for lunch. That was great. I left shortly after getting back. I hung out with Emily, then went to the pool. I swam my 20 laps. I don't know how I ever swam a mile, which I think is 36. I like the 20 lap goal. I did laundry for the first time since being at the beach! Made dinner. Watered the garden.

It's bedtime now. It's been a good, good day!


Seth M. Ward said...

lol that sign made me think of the gulf:( The Red Detour sign is PA's way of emergency snow routes I believe. Since PA get's alot of snow they have a color code system for the snow routes. Love the pick of the fire truck. I always think of 9/11 when I see them. Doesn't matter from where......

Unknown said...

she looks like my normal grandma again!

happyone said...

Your mom looks years younger with her pretty new hair color.
I know EXACTLY how she feels!!! :-)

C.A. said...

WOW...Mom looks 20 years younger with that hair color! Keep up the good work! :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

I agree. Mom's hair looks great...color AND style! And she looks sooooo happy. So why not! What a good daughter you are!!!

KathyA said...

Wondered how your visit with the parents went! You're right about your mom's hair -- her decision. She looks so happy with the new her!

Summer said...

Your mom's hair looks amazing!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I like your Mom's new cut and color. She looks much younger.

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