01 September 2010

A little ado about this and that

I belong in the land of bad bloggers. There's more and more of us.

Tuesday was Emily's first day of her last year of high school. Senior year has arrived. I'm sad and excited at the same time. I'd say pre-school through the end of elementary school went fairly slow. Middle school and on has just flown! The first picture is last year's first day. The next is from yesterday. The biggest difference seems to be the lack of make-up this year. I love that she's confident enough not to wear it, though she looks great with it on. She's pretty cute, don't you think? Of course, I'm her mom, so I can say that!

All is well here. I've been roasting at field hockey games. Monday was the first scrimmage. I brought a sun umbrella but left it in the car and baked in the mid-ninety degree full sun. Today I brought two umbrellas and roasted under the shade of one. The other I lent out. I can't imagine playing in that kind of brutal heat. I changed days off so I could go to the game. There were about 10 of us Indian Creek parents cheering on the team which was great, considering The Calverton School was over an hour away. We were so happy that we won!! Last year our team didn't even score once till the next to the last game. Tonight we won the first game of the season. What a great way to kick off the season! Emily is in the middle in green in this picture.

I'm not going to over-think this little post. It's gonna stay little. If I'm lucky I'll have something not so mundane to talk about soon, K? It's time to try to read my book club book. The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. It's starting to get better...not much but a little. Finally.


Lauralew said...

The Jungle is a sad book, but an important book. I read it some years ago, need to read it again. You will look at meat quite differently after that book, for sure.

Jamie said...

What a beautiful girl you have, makeup or no makeup. She looks so much like you.

I hope this holiday weekend is an awesome one for you.

Big hugs, C. :)

Leann said...

She is indeed a beautiful girl. You can sure tell she's matured from last year.

SOUL said...

the other day i left a really long comment under the above post-- musta got dumped and i didn't notice. hmm. nothin new for me lately. happens all the time. anyhow-- just wanted to let ya know-- (it's NOT you) ok?
hugs -- don't worry.

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