24 October 2010

Keeping up

And how was your Sunday?

I watched an episode of Outlaw. How decadent to watch a DVR'd show first thing in the morning? I watched a bit of 'Sunday Morning' on CBS. Did you see the segment on earthquakes? I'm glad I don't live in San Francisco and hope none of you do. I spent the first part of my 'work' day in the garden. I shoveled up pounds of berries from my pear tree. What a 'pain in the neck' tree. It's only nice when it's smelly but beautiful in full bloom, and then during the summer. It's awful when it's dropping berries, dropping all it's leaves, and dropping flower petals. I pulled all the annuals and did other clean-up jobs. It was SO nice outside. Then I detailed my car. I spent hours and hours working on my car. I even used wheel cleaner and tire shine. It was a satisfying day. I can look at my garden and see the results. I can look at my car and see the results. Emily and Phil went shopping for me. I'm trying to get over the fact that Emily keyed in the code for 2 broccoli bunches at $2.98 each instead of 2 broccoli crowns for $1.29/pound. Ouch. She'll do better next time. Anyway, they spent hours on their pumpkins. They downloaded their patterns. I had no clue what they were working on till dark.

Super Mario and Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. Seeing the pumpkins lit up at night made a day that turned into drudgery worthwhile in the end.

I cooked one of our very favorite dishes for dinner. I've talked about it before...baked chicken breasts encrusted with French's french fried onion rings. The recipe is on the container. It's heavenly.

Rob's been away this weekend. He's been working the last few Saturdays judging marching bands. He spent today at his parent's in PA. I spent a bunch of time after work yesterday chatting with my neighbors. I had take-out from TGIF with my neighbor Kelly for dinner. It wasn't very good, but it was good to spend time with her. We watched Anchorman. It wasn't very good. It was a quiet weekend, but good. And I still have tomorrow! It feels like a 3-day weekend.


Lena said...

Awesome pumpkins!

You sure did accomplish a great deal! Good for you. I have to get to my car, it is a mess!

I am cooking today. I have tomorrow's meatloaf for dinner all set. Trying to get ahead some.

Golden To Silver Val said...

omg, after reading everything you did, I need a nap. Do you have any idea how lucky you are to have all this WONDERFUL energy? Wish I lived next door to you. LOLOLOLOLOL

KathyA said...

That time when I clicked on it the last post finally came up! Maybe you were editing or something when I first hit it?

Great weekend, you busy, busy girl! And neat pumpkins. I think Emily is brave to be doing the self check out!

Made chicken piccata last night. Your chicken looks mouth-watering good!!! I'll have to try it.

Sorry I missed your call -- just got up (she says sheepishly). I'm DEFINITELY not a Cheryl or a Karen, up at the crack of dawn (or when I am, I go back to sleep!)

Sarah said...

Anchorman wasn't very good?? I'm in a glass box of emotion after that statement! :) Miss you!

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