17 October 2010

Rambling along

I cut Rob's hair tonight. As I was vacuuming the 'trimmings' I remembered why I wasn't so upset when I spilled half my bag of kettle corn on the floor last week. The upstairs was suddenly infused with the smell of kettle corn. It smelled wonderful. I might just keep that vacuum bag around for a while. I cut Rob's hair short and he said it was the best cut ever. One of the perks of having a girlfriend who's good with scissors.

Talking about haircuts, I had two new-client cancellations on Friday. Two hour-long appointments in a row. I had met the first client on Wednesday, introduced to me by one of our estheticians. I was told she was annoyed that I was off on Thursday because she really wanted it done right away (not a good start). She didn't show up on Friday. When called, she said, oh, I meant to cancel. That's it. The next appointment canceled because she had a medical procedure done that morning and was in pain. Makes sense. I don't think I'd make an appointment for a haircut on the same day. I went to Borders with my laptop to pass the time while waiting for my next client, even though I couldn't have caffeine. I had another client cancel on Saturday. I'd cut her hair the week before and she thought she wanted more taken off the back. She called before her appointment to say she was maybe going to grow it out some or maybe make an appointment in a few days...she'd have to think about it. I really don't get many cancellations or no-shows. I'm just whining. It's a commission job, you know?

Rob was playing (music) at church this morning and I dropped him off for rehearsal. I saw the sign announcing a pot luck lunch after the service so I went to a nearby shopping center and picked up two dessert loafs (that no one ate because there was so much food). I stopped in the local Starbucks with my laptop to kill some time. I thought I'd get a little something to eat to tide me over till the lunch. I don't know if it's a new practice, but Starbucks lists the calorie count next to the food. Most everything was between 400-500 calories. Even scones! The yogurt parfait had 12 grams of fat! Who knew? So I get up to the register and who do I see to the left of the cashier? Creepy (she really is, whether it's her fault or not) barista from Borders. Ack!! I didn't look at her so she wouldn't look at me! The cashier asked me if I wanted something to eat with my drink. I told him I did but that everything had too many calories. He said maybe next time. I said not if I wanted to maintain my figure. I wonder why they have no low-calorie, low-fat options? I asked if he could call my name when my drink was ready. Why? It's embarrassing to have everyone know how complicated your drink is. The cashier had to explain my drink to the barista I was pretending wasn't there. My new favorite is a toffee mocha latte, extra shot, extra hot, skim, no foam. See why I prefer them to call my name? The Borders/Starbucks barista put my finished drink on the counter and called my name. She walked away before I got it. On purpose was just fine with me. I didn't mind pretending and I don't think she did either. And I'm pretending my drink is low-cal, low-fat too.

Rob did a great job playing at church. It's really a wonderful church. They maintain a half-acre farm and they donate the harvest to shelters, food pantry's, etc. This year they donated 1,700 pounds of produce. Today's service was a Harvest service. We had a bountiful potluck lunch outdoors afterward.

Rob settled in for some sports when we got back home. I don't do sports. I took the newspaper out to the hammock and relaxed. The weather was delightful! When I finished reading, I took some pictures.
Look, no feet!

I'm so glad I don't really look like this.

My hair really is this curly.

I really am going to write about my newly found HVAC knowledge. Maybe tomorrow.

I got a bluetooth headset! I'm excited because I love new tech toys. Maryland just passed a hands-free law and tucking my phone in my seatbelt on speakerphone just wasn't cutting it. My plan is to use it in the car and at home. Rob got a matching one. Thank you Amazon for your great price. We saw the same one at Sam's Club today for double the price.

That's it. Over and out!


Jules said...

And that's one of your best posts ever.....

You are one of them....those coffee people. I've only entered a Starbucks twice in my whole life. Once because I wanted to be like you people.... and twice, to prove I was not cut out to do it. I was right the second time.

happyone said...

Sometimes you just don't want to know how many calories are in things!!
I still see lots of people driving around with a phone up to their ear!! I don't think it really matters much whether you are holding the phone or not, your mind is somewhere else and not on driving.

Leann said...

I don't drink coffee and after that post I'm glad I don't. Sounds like it could get complicated :0)

When I went to my Verizon store to upgrade my phone they had speakers that you attached to your visor that automatically know when your phone is on in the car and switch on. Hands free with nothing attached to your head. I like that. I didn't buy them of course because I don't talk on my phone in the car. Just me.

Anyway, that was a wonderful post and thanks again for sharing your life with us.


KathyA said...

I have a blue tooth set-up in my car. Maybe I'll eventually use it.

Can't believe your barista is a traveling one. Of all the joints...:)

And two cancellations!! So strange; the one I can understand, the other is just down right rude!! She doesn't deserve you.

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