26 November 2010

Are you shopping?

I didn't want to be up early. Must have been that late-night coffee and now I have a lack-of-sleep hangover. I'm a sucker for coffee. My waking-thought was Black Friday, even though I wasn't going shopping. It was in my brain because of all the media hype. I started playing Angry Birds (mistake) and before I knew it, an hour disappeared. I got up and turned on the tv and computer. I'm delaying decorating my house. I'm going to start very soon because I have to. Because I'll be so happy when it's over. I don't love the process but I love the results. My first party is December 5th, so it's now or never. I cleaned the surfaces yesterday and the tree is up. If only I could clone myself...

My house has the bad smell of burnt butter that spilled onto my oven floor yesterday. It overflowed from my pineapple bread pudding. Not sure how that happened, but it caused a lot of smoke and the smell is reminiscent of when i seasoned my iron skillet. It's a bad smell. Wish I could have the windows open.

Thanksgiving with the relatives was wonderful, as always. There were 33 of us. I did my usual carving job. I ate too much. I got to talk to cousins that I don't get to see often enough. Emily and I got to spend time alone during the drive. It was a great day.

I hope everyone enjoys this day. I hope I do too.


SOUL said...

wow! 33 people? amazing. you know my first thought was -- dishes! who had to wash all those dishes? i hope y'all used as many disposables as you could? sounds like a great time tho. that makes me happy-- and as usual- you look happy.
don't you love it when the girl actually conversing - in the car? it's sometimes the only time 'we' get a real conversation goin without arguing, or something foolish.

i'm gettin jealous now-- i used to be the 'day after thanksgiving christmas decorator' too. those days are very long gone. it's sometimes a last minute race now. (pout) but we get it done.

anyhow-- enjoy your black friday in . i'm not leaving my house either .. as if you would ever doubt that :))

hugs my cheery friend xo

happyone said...

Glad you enjoyed your day with family.
I'm getting down the Christmas decorations later today.

Rob-bear said...

For Thanksgiving, 33 people! Our whole house isn't big enough to hold that many people! I'll bet you all had an awesome time (especially if you would find a space to eat).

As I looked at your picture of "The Girl with the Curl," I was reminded of a very old poem:

There once was a girl,
The cutest little girl,
With a curl in the middle of her fore'ed;
And when she was good
she was very, very good,
and when she was bad she was horrid.

Of course, that does not describe you!

KathyA said...

We DID have a great day. Noisy, loud, sometimes confusing, but great nonetheless.

KathyA said...

PS You know how much I loathe shopping and crowds!!

Leann said...

You can always open windows. Unless you hve them plastic'ed' shut. I do, even in the winter. I just bundle up for awhile and let the fresh air in. Is way worth it for my health and cleaning the stale out of the air.

Hope your Thanksgiving was awesome and you enjoyed family time. I know I did. :-)

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