08 November 2010


I'm having a lazy day at home and it's getting depressing. Some might think it's nice to sit around and watch TV on your day off. I'm stuck at home because my new AC and furnace are being installed. It's the perfect day to get things done around here. It's about time to start. I'll write just a little first.

It was another weekend of not seeing Rob. He's too busy! He was up at his parent's house this weekend. His son is living with his parents for the time being. Rob is also super busy with school work. He has a major paper he's writing on stem cell research. We've both learned a lot about that subject. I think you could spend years researching the pros and cons of embryonic stem cell research and never come to the right conclusion. The reason? It's all about beliefs and who's to say that one person's belief is right and another person's belief is wrong? Anyway...he's been busy. He has two papers and an oral presentation due this week. I miss our every-weekend togetherness.

I met my friend Kit on Saturday after Borders. We had dinner at a fantastic restaurant in Annapolis, Jalapenos. Check out their tapas/appetizer menu. It's gourmet Mexican/Spanish and not at all what I expected. I can't wait to go back. We went to HH Gregg afterward for Kit to do some shopping. She bought a camera and a GPS. I was just along for the ride but bought the same GPS and a DVD player. I can't believe I bought a Sony DVD player for $29. Old technology is cheap. We ended the night cruising the mall and I saw a sight that literally stopped me in my tracks. I saw a woman walking by me wearing black opaque pantyhose with a top and heels. They were not leggings...they were pantyhose! I didn't see the front of her, but I literally stared till she was out of sight. When I turned around a family was also stopped, staring. We had a fun time talking about it. Crazy!

Kit and I met up on Sunday too. We ordered our GPS's the night before and they were shipped overnight. I'm so directionally-challenged and my old cheap GPS died a few months ago. I was lost without it! This one is big and much smarter and I hope I can figure it out. Kit and I had lunch and coffee afterward and I used my first Groupon coupon. I paid $5 for a $10 voucher at a private coffee shop. I love seeing the daily Groupon deals.

Anyway, I wound up spending the day at home, doing nothing after all. I watched many DVR'd episodes of Brothers and Sisters. Occasionally I'd peek at the progress of my HVAC installation. It took about 7 hours, 4 trucks and 4 men. And a lot of money. Not what I would choose to spend my money on, but it's what you have to do when you own a home.

So, mundane day. Almost over. Tomorrow starts my Monday.


KathyA said...

Panthose, huh? Oy!!

You are so used to going until you drop, a day of forced slowdown must have KILLED you!!

I think it's exciting that you got the new heat pump. I think you'll notice a big difference in the efficiency. Really...

Jamie said...

Holy crap...pantyhose and a shirt....that must have been quite a sight.

I hated spending big money on necessary household crap like heat and ac...and now I don't own. I felt all good about that until I signed my third lease here and added up the amount I am giving these people annually, times three. Now I am thinking about owning again.

I'm sorry that you aren't able to see your guy...next weekend, kidnap him!

Happy Tuesday. :)

Leann said...

OMG!! That must have been a sight.

It sucks when you gotta take care of the necessities and can't play. Hate those days :-)

But....now it's done and over with and Jamie has a darned good idea......kidnap the man and have your way with him!!

happyone said...

Just pantyhose! What next!?
My house still smells from the oven cleaning!!

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