01 August 2011

Sitting on my porch feels like vacation

I'm sitting outside on my porch. I'm really thankful to have this little covered porch. I spent hours and hours with my friend Patty on her large covered porch last night and it was amazing. The house I've stayed at on Edisto Island had many porches overlooking the Edisto Creek and that was an image I'll never forget. We never sat on the porch at the house I grew up in. I'll have to do that one day. My porch has a view of my garden, which I love, and of three homes on my cul-de-sac. It's a fine view. I wish I could sit out here every morning with regular coffee. I'm thankful I can sit out here at all (glass half-full).

A little catch up...My parents are doing well at The Annapolitan, their home of 3 months. My father has settled into his routine of spending most hours of the day downstairs in the 'library' reading or watching TV. He goes upstairs only for naps or to go to bed at night. He seems very content. My mother loves, loves, loves the caregivers and considers them her friends. Her favorite things to do are to sit outside on the glider and feed/watch the birds, and to sit in her bright comfortable room and listen to her favorite music on the TV. Oh, and they both love to eat and love the food there. Having my parents move into their new home has been the best decision ever. My mom has still had some falls, but only been bruised, thank goodness, and only one trip to the ER. They still don't get along, but that's nothing new. My siblings and I are in the process of clearing out their house. It's been slow, because no one wants to take the time to do it. My sister Ilene from GA is here this week, and she's gotten a lot of things done, as have Lisa and I. Tonight the four of us siblings will get together to decide who wants what. I'm nervous about that, but will hope for the best outcome. There's not much I want, and nothing is a deal-breaker for me. I just want peace. And the TV, if it works out that way.

Ilene and I made this Tomato and Corn Pie for dinner on Saturday night after Summer raved about it. This is the picture from the website, but ours looked exactly like it!

It was very labor-intensive to make, and thank goodness there was two of us working together. We also made the quinoa salad I love and eat every week. My sister Lisa was a big help with making that. Corn on the cob rounded out our meal, and the three of us sisters had a great night together.

There's a delightful breeze blowing, as I sit here. The hummingbirds are really active this morning. The only thing looming for me is housework, but I can put that off for as long as I want. My neat house is deceiving! I think I'm going to savor this time on my porch. It's a wonderful refuge.


Retired Knitter said...

Peace. That is the greatest gift of all.

We moved mom out of her apartment 5 years ago into our home. That was a big deal too. So now she doesn't have that much to sort through - the hard work in that regard is done.

The real hard work of taking care of her is the biggest issue. But she has been well lately so we are happy. But when she was sick and her needs were intense it cause a great rift between me and my sister. There was no peace. And the fall out from that still is an open sore for me. Peace is lost for me. But mom has been totally unaware - so her peace has not been broken, thank God.

I don't have a porch. We have an open deck. OK in good weather but there are times when it is not so good. Wish I had a screened in porch. Maybe someday.

happyone said...

So good that your parents are both happy in their new home. : )
I love sitting out on my back deck.
I'm one of your clients tomorrow again. Six weeks go by fast!
See you tomorrow.

Lena said...

When I was growing up, we had a small porch in front of the house. I spent hours sitting on that porch watching the traffic go by. It was a main road and everyone went by, so it was fun to see who I would know.

The last time I was at my parents' house before we sold it, I had my girlfriend come over and we sat on the porch and talked and watched the traffic together. It was a good way to spend my last time there.

Noofy said...

So glad you are back blogging, missed you! This is a process, it will be slow, keep that in mind. Everything is working out like it is suppose to. How many times have you asked yourself "why did we wait so long?"

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