12 September 2011

The Incidental Blogger

I feel like I should call myself the incidental blogger. I'm not sure what it means, but I like the sound of it.

I'm sitting here with a belly that looks like it's pregnant. No chance of that! I had a CT scan of my abdomen today and had to drink two bottles of barium topped off with another cup of that lovely thick white stuff right before the scan. My body is trying to process it. Thus, the belly. I'm pretty sure what's going on are problems related to fibroids that have troubled me in the past. I have to get cleared for the colonoscopy scheduled for next Tuesday, and the scan was part of that process. Lovely stuff. TMI?

With the help of some neighbors yesterday, I got my armoire moved out of the family room and my parent's 52" TV moved in. It's a very large TV! Until I find a media cabinet that I like the TV will have to be on the coffee table. Not the best look, and I really need my coffee table back. I've shopped everywhere and the closest I've come to finding the right thing is at Pier 1. Close but not perfect. My bedroom TV came down to the empty armoire in the living room and the family room TV went up. All this for someone who hardly watches TV. That could change.

I've helped my sister Lisa these last few days as she's tried to settle into my parent's house. I mean, her new house. Saying that is going to take some getting used to. We still have to clear out a lot of my parent's stuff--everything from tools to kitchen containers. The porch is filled with stuff to be picked up for donation. I feel good knowing someone else will benefit from this bounty.

My Emily is now balancing a job with going to school. She's a hostess at a really nice restaurant in Annapolis. She can't believe how much her feet hurt. It can be hard standing up for a job when you're not used to it.

I had a fun time this past Saturday night getting together with about 50 people I graduated high school with. We're lucky to have a class that really likes to spend time together, and people willing to organize events. It was a feel-good night. I was surprised by the complimentary things people had to say to me. I was really touched. I'll have to get together with these people more often!

Hope all is well in your part of the world! I'll try not to let so much time go by before my next post



Jamie said...

Good Morning Miss Incidental Blogger -- I am happy to see a post from you. Not too many of us "original's" write any more...

You sound good and busy and happy.

Yes, that is a big tv. You need to start watching it, LOL.

Emily is a doll.

Big hugs old friend. :)

Forsythia said...

Emily looks like a lovely young woman. You sound like you're enjoying life.

happyone said...

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow to catch up.

KathyA said...

Great seeing you yesterday. I love my hair!

Have you tried looking online for a cabinet for the TV?

Noofy said...

Each time I take a break from blogging you post. Good to hear from you and it sounds like things are working out. You'll find a table for the TV, it just takes time. Emily looks happy even if her feet hurt. I remember working at Dutch Pantry and going to school, exhausting.

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