26 September 2011

An unfolding day

I'm posting from Panera's, just like in the old days. I forgot how much I like hanging out here. Today is kind of wide open for me, and I thought I'd get a coffee and blog after getting my mammogram. So glad that's over, although it really wasn't bad. I'll breathe a sigh of relief when I get the letter saying all is well, see you in a year. All women fear breast cancer. Next week I have my yearly GYN appointment, and that should end of a month of medical appointments.

Last week was really slow for me at work. That never happens. Hopefully it's just a blip, and maybe it's just the time of year. This week's schedule is back to normal. The good part about last week was that I got to spend more time with my visiting sister Ilene. After doing her hair at the salon on Friday we spent the day at Columbia Mall, which included finding a dress for her to wear to a wedding, and getting make-overs at Estee Lauder. She's back home now, but will be back in about 8 weeks for another visit.

I got a hot stone pedicure yesterday morning that I purchased with a Groupon. It was heavenly and I'm so glad I bought 2 Groupons, so I have one more to look forward to. I visited my parents afterward. I say parents, but I really mean my mom. My dad is quiet and self-sufficient. My mom is suffering a lot of pain from her latest fall a week ago. She badly hurt her knee, but didn't break anything. She's still in a lot of pain from the compression fracture she suffered in the fall before that. Poor Mom. Plus, she finally got the "Jazzy" power wheelchair (that I've been trying to get approved since the beginning of the year) on Wednesday and she hates it. It has a super-sensitive joystick and she can hardly steer it. I worked with her in the parking lot and she made some progress, but it's really hard.

What to do today? I might go to the movies. I might work on my bedroom closet and clean house. I'll just have to see what unfolds. Happy Monday!


Noofy said...

You certainly are getting all your medical checkups done, good for you! Sorry about your Mom's wheelchair being a disappointment. Hopefully, she can get use to it, and it won't be so bad. I know you got something fun done today, you always do!

Lena said...

I love Panera's too.

I hope business picks up. The time must drag when you are not busy.

It is really good that you are getting all your appointments done in one month. I am impressed!

Thanks for keeping up with me. I so appreciate your support!

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