15 September 2011

A little more than a peek

Let's see...where was I? I got the results back from the CT scan and was relieved to find out the pain I've been having is my old friend the fibroid. I can certainly live with the discomfort; I just needed to know what it was. Today I found out that a 40-something year-old client of mine has cancer in her liver that they think originated in her pancreas. I'm in shock about it. I'm not surprised that I jump to the conclusion that something must be very wrong with me when I have unexplained pain that lingers. So many people do get cancer. That is real. I know you can't live your life in fear, and I don't. Only when I'm in pain. That said, I'll breath a sigh of relief when the colonoscopy is over (Tuesday) and my yearly mammogram results (I need to make an appointment) come back clear.

I have a cold. Isn't this a strange time of year for that?

I drove over to IKEA today to look at their TV cabinets and found one I like. I'm not sure why I didn't buy it, but I'm pretty sure it's the one. I'm surprised there isn't more of a selection of cabinets in stores. I've seen a lot online, but I need to see furniture in person. I'm really enjoying watching TV on the big screen. It's very entertaining, and I've had a lot of time on my hands. Could I become a couch potato? Hmmm, probably not.

I just finished some Starbucks Caramel Macchiato ice cream that was SO good. I bought 2 pint containers of it and put a "C" on mine and an "E" on Emily's. I had just a tiny bowl of it and my plan is to make it last a long time. I think I can be successful at it. You know ice cream is my weakness.

I purchased my tickets for my upcoming trip to Cape Cod. Yes, I'm going on vacation again, this time in October. I'll be meeting my friend Bernie who lives in Hyannis and we'll be traveling to New Hampshire to take in the Fall foliage. I'm very excited except for the flying part of it, but glad to not be driving. I don't mind driving south, but I've driven to Cape Cod the last two years and don't enjoy that at all.

I was talking to Rob tonight and he was seeing an amazing sky and rainbow. Though we were about 3 hours apart in distance, the sky I saw was equally awesome.

And that's a peek into my mundane life on this Thursday. I hope your day has been good to you.


Noofy said...

Good for you taking care of your health, sigh of relief on your CT scan. It didn't take long to find a stand you liked, woohoo! Now, get back to Ikea and buy it, lol. New England gets pretty busy in the fall, alot of New Yorkers head up on the weekends, be prepared for crowds in some places. If you haven't seen the New England fall foliage, it is a sight to behold, a real treat.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Cape Cod looks beautiful! Will you be taking pictures?

happyone said...

I love my hair!! Thanks! :)
Sorry to hear you have a cold.
Sunset is beautiful.
I'm sitting in a Best Western in Topeka, Kansas.
We will get to Denver tomorrow! Can't wait to see Debbi and the kids!

Retired Knitter said...

Great picture of the sky. Sunsets are a gift from nature if people are able to slow down enough and see them.

KathyA said...

Awesome sunset!

I've done that -- where I see something I like, but don't buy it -- and then go back and it's not there.... I'm sure the unit will be there, though, if you decide to buy it.

A cold? Now? Take zinc.

Leann said...

Better not to bury your head in the sand but stand up to the fear and march forward. Glad to hear it was an eventless march :-) Enjoy your trip to Cape Cod. I've heard the South East is amazing for their fall showing. Blessed be.

Rick Rockhill said...

Glad to hear it wasn't anything too serious, you can live with that of course. Always sad to hear about people you know who get cancer, best thing is to "listen" and be there to talk about other topics so she can have a respite from her troubles. by the way that is a stunning sunset for sure

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