28 February 2012

The girl who cried wolf

I'll have to figure out how to embed the album of my NY trip. It shows up for me, but no one else. I'm not gonna stress!

I can't wait till March 7th. It's the rumored date of the announcement of the iPad3 and I'm so excited that I'm finally getting one. Really...I am. I was so excited when the first one came out. I was definitely getting it. I wanted it so bad and everyone knew it. What happened? I couldn't justify it, though others told me I didn't have to. It wasn't just the money, it was because I didn't need it. I spent so much time coming to that decision. When the second one came out, I was definitely getting it. So excited! What happened after obsessing about it? Couldn't do it. Again. I just couldn't justify it. Who needs a iPad when you have a iPhone that does everything you need? And here I am again, with a pending announcement. This time though, I'm not going to think about it. No more crying wolf. I have a Apple Gift card and enough Christmas gift money from my clients set aside to pay for it. The only thing to decide on now is what to have inscribed on the back when I place my order.

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Cindy said...

I'm so glad you are going to get it. I always give my hair dresser money and hope she is selfish, buying that ONE thing for herself that she'd never think of getting with her own money, household money, etc. Go YOU!!!

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