16 January 2014

Inside and outside (my comfort zone)

I've wanted to write but haven't had the time. How can I not have time for a half-hour? I don't know but it's true. It doesn't help that I'm obsessed with the TV show Scandal. OMG so good! I've been watching it on Netflix. If I have 10 minutes between clients you'll find me watching it. That's just one thing that keeps me busy. 

I'm at City Dock with my latte now. A perfect place and time to write. We went to Tsunami for sushi last night (for locals who know the area). I've only recently discovered real sushi. Prior to that, my only experience was cooked sushi at Wegman's. I'd never had and never thought I'd ever touch raw sushi. Was I ever missing out on an amazing culinary experience! I'm a convert. Have I ever mentioned how much I love to eat? I have to be careful or I'd weigh a lot. The genes run in my family.

Here's a topic. Loud people. Loud people on their phones is in a catagory of its own. I think they must not be aware of how loud they are. I can't imagine otherwise. I'm super quiet when I'm on the phone in public. I'm a model citizen, you know. Haha. What I'm talking about is people talking to each other in public. A for instance is when I was in the sauna at the gym after a long workout. I'm lying down ready for peace and quiet, but outside the sauna, in the bathroom area, are two friends talking really loud and laughing and teasing and having a great time. I'm trying to relax and be introspective. No go. The loud people are certainly entitled to their good time together. I'm happy for them. I'm also SO annoyed that I have to hear it. I try putting my fingers in my ears. I put my hands over my ears. All to no avail. End of story. That's life. 

So...guess who went to Key West for the weekend? Someone who has always wanted to go to Key West? Who's been longing for palm trees and turquoise water for years? It's me and it was all and more than I thought it would be. I went as Peter's guest on a trip he won with his company. It was at a 5-star resort. What a treat for me. There were palm trees everywhere. Hammocks between them at the resort. Beautiful blue water everywhere. A vibrant, fun town. Old buildings. Artsy people. Street performers. Bars and restaurants everywhere. Live music at almost every establishment. Etc...

Hello pelicans

Hanging with the heads

Cluck, cluck, cockle doodle do

Kapok tree

View from Ernest Hemmingway's house

Sunset from Mallory Square

Tip-reprieving dog in surf shorts

At the resort



Do I look like a natural or what?

View of the resort from my jet ski

And of course...

Night life :)

View from the hammock

Good-bye Casa Marina


The most thrilling part of the trip was the jet-skiing. I'd never been on one. I was afraid but was going to be brave and just do it and have fun. It dawned very breezy with choppy water on the day of our outing. Not an auspicious start. The long and short was that we went a minium of 40-something mph. It was so hard for me to keep up. There were 15 of us in a row. Water was constantly splashing up in my face. It was chilly. It was super choppy. I couldn't enjoy any off the scenery because all I could concentrate on was keeping up. I think I went as fast as 60 mph. We went 27 miles around the island with a few stops. I'm so glad I did it. I challenged myself to something way out of my comfort zone and succeeded. If we had gone much slower, I would have loved it. It made an awesome memory. Laying on the hammocks between the beautiful palm trees made a much more relaxing memory. The whole trip was a true gift and I'm so grateful.

Time to move along. Next stop is a visit to see my parents. Then on to the gym. I love my days off! Life is good.


Forsythia said...

Key West looks like such fun.

KathyA said...

It is, indeed!
Peter has nice feet. Would love to see the rest of him!

Lena said...

You are so brave to jet ski! Looks like an awesome time. Yes, would love to see the rest of Peter!

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