13 February 2014

Snow day

It's a snow day. I opted to get snowed in at Peter's in Annapolis. We got over 12" of snow at my house. We got about 4" in downtown Annapolis with sleet and rain on top. In other words, messy. But still beautiful. It sure was nice not to have to shovel. Thanks Emily! They do a great job of cleaning up the snow here. The city workers were busy shoveling. We went to lunch at McGarvey's. The place was so busy! Walking back to the house we passed guys and girls in fatigues shoveling the side streets and resident's steps. Turns out there were about 150 midshipmen out helping in downtown. Very nice. I think they're calling for a second round of a couple of inches of snow. I'm fine with that. I was scheduled to work today and have tomorrow as my day off. Now I have two days off. Happy me. Of course that means I don't get payed. I'm prepared for that.

Some Annapolis pictures:

Kunta Kinte Memorial plus a big-nosed snowman :-)

Ice, Ice baby

No Ice cream today

City Dock

It's a quiet day that's flying by. All days off do. I've always maintained that we need at least 36 hours in a day. Who's with me? 

Friends are coming over and we'll walk to dinner. Oh, how I love this town.

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KathyA said...

Peter's back? How nice for you both!!

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