26 February 2014

The dog days of winter

I better write something before too much time passes. The longer I go without blogging, the longer I go without blogging.

I'm so ready for spring and summer. It doesn't have anything to do with how much snow we've had. It doesn't have anything to do with the cold weather. It has everything to do with warm weather and daylight and flowers and green grass and leaves on the trees, and swimming outside. I long to be outside every moment that I can. I want to write about sitting on my porch watching the hummingbirds. Taking pictures of my garden. The same things I write about every spring and summer. I'm such a couch-potato in the winter. Especially this winter due to Netflix. I watched and loved Scandal. I'm on season 2 of House of Cards. I'm on season 2 of Breaking Bad. Now that the Olympics are over, all my regular shows are back on TV. So I spend most nights watching TV. It is entertaining. I don't want to spend my nights watching TV. I've also been eating more than normal. Snack food. I'm officially out of everything bad. I don't plan to buy more. I'm still going to the gym on a regular basis, thank goodness. Unfortunately, my right shoulder is starting to bother me. It stopped my swimming a few years back. I don't want to stop swimming but I don't want to change my stroke either. I'm going to look into all the classes the gym offers. I'll find one to go to tomorrow. I'm still walking, but not as much as I'd like to. Another reason I want warm weather and daylight. I want to walk before and after work. I was able to get out on my bike this past weekend when it got up to 60°. That felt wonderful! I biked the 12 mile BWI trail around the airport. I also walked 4 miles around the neighborhood. That was a happy day. It looks like it might get near 50° on Sunday. I'll bike again if it does. 

Looking over that last paragraph...maybe I should have left it to the first sentence?

I wrote in my last post that I watched Peter's dog Caylib for a week while he was away. He's away again and I'm watching Caylib for 10 days. I really like him. 

It's really good for Sparky to have a companion. It's not much more work to care for an extra dog. If you knew me before Sparky, you knew I didn't like dogs at all. Not one bit. Then Sparky came to live with us when my daughter moved back in and I felt obligated to take care of him. And now I have two dogs that I really care about. Except for Sparky's barking, which drives me crazy. It's a good thing he's so cute!

I've been writing this in Starbucks. I came here after work. I'm drinking a decaf. It's time to head home to the dogs and the TV. And no snacks.


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KathyA said...

Oh, this winter of our discontent! I am a giant couch potato -- only I play online word games and knit... Yes, just to be outside! I'll go to the pool with you this summer!!!

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