01 February 2014

Streaming thoughts

I just got off work and I'm sitting in Starbucks and thought I'd write. I thought I'd write about a pet peeve, but then realized my last post was a complaint about Sparky and his barking. So I'll save the pet peeve for another day so I don't come across as a complainer. I wouldn't want to ruin my reputation, you know. Which just inspired a new direction for this post. Reputation. I think that the beliefs or opinions that are held by many people about other people are often wrong. I've known a few people who others thought were stuck-up. I believe they were shy. I've known a few people who others thought were arrogant. I believe they were insecure. I often think people aren't who we think they are. I've told this next story many times about my marriage. When asked what I thought caused it to fail, I've said, my ex thought I was wonderful. I tried very hard to convince him that I wasn't wonderful and that if he believed that, that he'd be disappointed. I told him that I was a nice person and a good person, but that I wasn't wonderful. I think our relationship ended when he realized I wasn't the ideal person he thought I was. He never would discuss what went wrong. This tale is what I've surmised. He turned out to be a great ex-husband and very good father. A lot of people think I'm wonderful. I'm not. I'm just a nice person and I try to be a good person.

I figured out a way to stop Sparky from barking out the front window. I realize it's only a band-aid to the problem, but it's giving me peace for now. Who needs a coffee table or a leaf for their dining room table anyway?

I have no clue why the front windows are the barking windows. I don't know what I'll do if he picks a new spot.

Time to get moving. I have a busy afternoon planned, then a weekend in Annapolis including a great dinner tonight at Peter's. 

Not-so-wonderful, Cheryl (do I really want to ruin my reputation?)

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Forsythia said...

Pet Peeve. Was that a play on words? Hope your quest for quiet is a success.

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