29 March 2014

Happy Me

It's beginning to feel a lot like...well, not a lot, but definitely like the beginning of spring. Soon my garden will be awash in tuips, daffodils and phlox. All I'll need are plastic colored-eggs hanging from the trees for it to look like the Easter house. Good thing I don't have trees! After this winter, I don't care how gaudy my garden looks.

Here's 'my' secret garden. It's in the woods around the corner from my house. One year I discovered a tiny patch of miniature daffodils. I often pick them and they look lovely in my tall blue shotglass. I was walking Sparky the other day and remembered them. I noticed lots of tree debris and yard waste that neighbors put in the woods and was afraid they had covered 'my' daffodils. I went in and saw the patch and pushed aside some leaves and branches. The patch is bigger than ever. I can't wait till they bloom!

Yesterday was the first morning I was able to sit out on my porch. I did the same thing after work. Happy me!


Josie Two Shoes said...

No comments! Well that's not good! I have been so bogged down with the routines of life that I haven't been getting around to check up on my blog friends, and I miss that! Soul, and Jamie have just returned to blogging, as has Frank, and I'm delighted to find you've been posting a bit here too! I'm almost done with the A-Z and promise to get back into the routine of news updates after that.

I am smiling at the barren winter ground, having already seen how far it's come in just a short time. You work beautiful magic with your landscaping! I wish I could sit out on your deck with you and enjoy all that loveliness! WIshing you a wonderful summer ahead, and lots of bare toe photos! :-)

SOUL said...

Bah.. Hiya friend.. Josie beat me here... But i came in to let ya know, that our ole gang is gettin back inthe swing of things. Please post again. I know your yard must be beautiful by now. I sure would like to see it. And hear how you are doing. Update? And make some rounds? We all miss ya.
Hope all is well in your world
My new blog is linked on my sidebar ... At the old blog.. New one is ' life on lifes terms'
Hope to see you there

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