15 March 2014

Not Chica the Chinchilla

Just a random thought to start this post. If you were siitting in a crowded coffee house would you  engage in a Facetime conversation on your Apple device? I wouldn't. I'm trying to think my own thoughts right now, but I'm finding it hard to concentrate. It could be that this person doesn't have wi-fi at home. He probably thinks that he's talking in a conversational tone, and doesn't realize that's hard to gauge when you're wearing earbuds. I'm not anti-social! I just want myy peace and quiet when I want it.

Be right back...my sister is trying to Facetime me. Kidding.

I really have meant to be a better writer. A more frequent poster. I have had a lot of comments lately. Lots! All spam on a post labled Chica the Chinchilla. I just ignore them. I hate being popular for the wrong reasons.

I got off work early today. I'm inside with my coffee and feel guilty because its so nice outside. I'll be out soon, and out in Annapolis till Monday. Lots of stuff going on for St. Patrick's Day. I'll be there with Peter.

On that note, I'm going to cut this short. I'll go home and take Sparky on a long walk before heading out. A short post counts, right?


Josie Two Shoes said...

Hi Cheryl! I don't post nearly as often as I would like to either, I run out of time and/or energy by evening. I so agree with you about people who carry on loud Facetime or phone conversations in public places, or restroom stalls, or in line at the store. One of my coworkers loves to walk thru the reception area where my desk is while talking loudly on his phone via a Bluetooth ear device. All calls are designed to make him sound very important. It is SO ANNOYING! I'm with you, if I am out I want my own peaceful place/space. Calls can be handled quickly, by text, or by stepping outside!

Did you know you can block comments on specific posts? Go to Edit for that post, then to Settings on the right, and then to Options at the bottom of that menu. There you can turn off comments. I've used that before on posts that attract spam. I

Sounds like you've got a great weekend planned, I wish we lived near a city large enough to do some St. Patrick's day festivities. Enjoy!!

KathyA said...

Of course a short post counts! And how RUDE is that guy! Assclown!

Sounds like you have a nice weekend planned avec Pierre. Please tell him I said hello. I'm making butternut squash soup tomorrow as it's supposed to be cold and nasty. We don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day -- I don't have a drop of Irish blood in me. Richard may...we don't really know.

Is there a way to block Chinchilla?

Forsythia said...

A short post counts, for sure.

bettyC said...

Right 😊

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