09 February 2017

a little late...

I knew I was behind on posting, but how could so much time pass so quickly? Ugh! Time goes by way too fast! I went to Florida last week and pretty much stayed offline. I just didn't want to not be present. I loved being in Key West! I've done a bunch of traveling in Florida the past few years and really love to visit. Especially in the winter. It's paradise! KW reminds me of other southern cities. It was like New Orleans in that it caters to tourists who like to drink and there are a lot of open-air restaurants and bars and wrought iron balconies. Aspects of the architecture were similar to NO and to Beaufort. I expected to see Spanish moss but apparently it's not hot enough or humid. It was so clean and had more palm trees than I've ever seen. Gregg and I had fun! We always do. I especially loved kayaking in the clear blue water. And drinking on the sunset cocktail cruise. And eating ginger coconut chip cookies at the French bakery.

I really shouldn't have started this right before bed. No energy or inspiration. I shall return!

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Josie Two Shoes said...

You made exactly the right choice to step away from the Internet while you were in Florida. We tend to forget to stop documenting and do more living! There will always be time for reflection later. I read the peaceful pleasure in your words and description, that you were content there and you had fun together. That tells me all I need to know... life is good for you now, and I couldn't be any happier about that. You had to wait a long time to experience these companioned getaways with someone who you treasure!

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