22 January 2017

Sunday musings

Sitting in Starbucks, happy me. It's a gloomy rainy day but I don't care. Gregg is at my house doing hours of doctor work. I'm so thankful that I have a job that I completely finish at the end of the day. He spends an enormous amount of time continuing his work after hours. It actually works very well for our relationship. I need a lot of alone time. He's thankful that I'm not upset about how much time he spends doing work. I went to the gym and swam. Yay! I'm aiming to revamp my family room and I've been buying curtains from Marshall's and HomeGoods, so that was one of my stops today: to collect more. I have a zillion paint samples at home. Decisions, decisions. One more stop after this to the grocery store and then I'll go home. And put on my sweats. I never use my Crock-Pot, but I have something cooking in it now. Chicken thighs, taco seasoning and salsa. I'm not expecting delicious, but that's OK. You're supposed to shred it when it's done, for tacos, but I'm strictly low carb these days so I'll have it plain with a salad and veggies. 

Ramble done, fueled by my friend espresso.

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Just J said...

I agree, the best jobs are those you can leave at work at the end of day. I feel for people like Gregg and teachers too, who are expected to complete so much more on their "own time". Paperwork is not fun. It is healthy for you both to enjoy time apart to do your own things. I always enjoy my own time and then cherish the time we spend together. Redoing a room can be fun, you will have to show us the results when its' finished! I use my crockpot fairly often for doing things like chicken or a roast, lots of meat made easily to use for other things. I love your dedication to eating healthy! When is your upcoming trip to Florida?

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