07 August 2007

I love the sight of pelicans flying over the ocean. It was hard to capture them, but here's a try:

Rosemary bush:

Palm nuts?

Assorted pretty pics:

I wanted to cut my sister's hair when we got back from the beach but the tarp I had cut on a few days ago still had lots of hair on it. I gathered up the tarp and decided to shake the hair out in the creek, where it could sink. It didn't:

Time for the last haircut of the vacation. We'll throw this hair in the trash.


Summer said...

4th picture down. The tree reflected in the water. Breath taking!

Martha said...

Gorgeous pictures. Makes me wish I was on vacation, too!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I was going to say the same thing that summer did-that picture with the tree and the water-wow!!!! It reminds me something you'd imagine in a fairy tale...thanks for posting the pictures, I needed to view beauty today and you made my mood entirely better.
Glad you're enjoying yourself.
Did you see the orange spot yet?
damn orange spot. :)

captain corky said...

Fantastic pictures!

azure said...

This sounds like a real vacation, great spot and good family.

I like the first picture of the birds the best...but the tree and water picture is pretty darn good

SpringMist said...

I love the 4th one and also the first one! Beautiful and magical all of your pics!! You really got an eye for the camera.

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