09 August 2007

The rain ended this morning, which suited my sister's family immensely. They left for GA before noon, and suddenly, the house was very large and lonely. What to do? Get in the car and, go. First stop was to find a place to get rid of our trash. We went to a neighbor's to ask, then drove the 6 miles to the disposal site. Next it was over to the shrimp place for tonight's dinner. Then we drove to The Sea Cow for lunch and on to Piggly Wiggly so Emily could get a pig t-shirt. From there we explored the scenic dirt roads and took many pictures of the intertwining, canopied trees. I'll post the pictures soon. We went to George and Pink's for fresh green beans, then I dropped Emily off at the Serpentarium. I'm glad I didn't have to go.

What a killer-hot day. The heat index is up to 108*. Every time we get out of the car we comment on the heat. How do people around here deal with it? Semi-tropical, for sure.

Well, time for a movie. Later.


Amanda said...

I lived in a hot place a long time ago...the secret is to get as much done as possible in the early morning or after sundown. Drink lots of water, never leave anything edible out, and move slowly.

captain corky said...

The heats ideal for growing...tomatoes. Shrimp sound really good!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I could not handle that heat.

I'm catching up and really enjoying all your wonderful photos. And the squirrel!!

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