20 August 2007

Jamie tagged me but I'm so bad at tags and memes. Sorry. I did like what the fortune cookie said. I kinda cheated and kept doing it over and over till I got one I liked. Well at least I admitted it!

My Fortune Cookie told me:
We are not anticipating any emergencies.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune


Andrew said...

I want to steal your fortune cookie and run...LOL. That should be my new mantra. Maybe, if I repeat it enough it will come true.

Cheryl said...

Andrew...I agree! Like I said, I had to hit the button a lot of times to find this 'good' fortune. I love it too.

Martha said...

I just did this and had a good laugh!

jAMiE said...

Thank you for participating Cheryl.

Amanda said...

Well, that is a relief! :)

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

ha, that's a great fortune..especially with what your sister and her surgery!!

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