19 December 2009


We're in the midst of a major storm here. Woohoo! I decided to make it a sleep-over weekend. Emily's boyfriend is sleeping on the living room couch and Rob is sleeping on the family room couch. I went grocery shopping yesterday morning before the crowds hit and bought all the ingredients to make The Pioneer Woman's pot roast. I'm thinking of making bread. I bought chicken and shrimp and deli meats and cheeses and ice cream and bagels and chocolate. We have a good hill and sleds and my neighbor's snow blower. I don't think I'll venture outside much. They're calling this a blizzard with high winds and freezing temperatures. Right now it's in the low 20's. I'm the only one up, and it will probably stay that way for a while. Happy me.


Forsythia said...

I love snow days. Enjoy the weekend.

Jules said...

Cheryl, I am so delighted. Rob was an excellent Christmas gift for you!!

I'm watching your weather and really, really grateful to be in Arizona. But you people go ahead and enjoy all of that snow! YIKES!!

I will enjoy all of the "reporting to you from the blizzard" posts. :)

Happy Weekend!!

KathyA said...

You're having a party! Good for you and you're equipped with all good stuff, too! I was just thinking how different things were for you this time last year.

Cheryl said...

I just took my Texas Sheetcake out of the oven. Yum. Warming up leftover Chinese for lunch. It's gonna be an epicurean delight around here.

Things are different this year. I was happy then and I'm happy now, but now in a different way :)

C.A. said...

Hurray for sleepover weekend! It snowed here but only about an inch, but I'm OK with that!

Enjoy your yummy food and wonderful company!



happyone said...

We went driving around in the snow. Most everything is closed. I'm glad I won't be around next week for the mess when it all starts melting.
Enjoy your day! Sounds like lots of good food to eat.

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