08 July 2010

A real blog post. Really.

It's Thursday morning and here I am, lazing around, just like on vacation. Drinking coffee. Wish I were doing it on the beach, but I'm on my couch. Darn. Wish I had a water view. So glad I have a home. I know what to be thankful for.

I'll conclude my vacation blogging by saying it was simply relaxing. I just stopped. I have no clue how I sat on the beach day after day doing nothing. I didn't read. I spent time in the water, but not too much. I sat on my chair under an umbrella with my sister and looked around. Listened to music. That's it. Simply wonderful. I spent one day at Brookgreen Gardens, and that was hard because I hated taking a day away from the beach. I'm so glad I did. I love the Lowcountry, and the gardens were draped in Spanish Moss. I followed Summer's advice and bought fresh shrimp, went to the Myrtle Beach boardwalk and saw the Second Avenue pier. Summer is the Myrtle Beach queen. Wish I could experience it with her. One of my quests during the week was to find a longleaf pine seedling to bring home and plant in my grove of trees. There was no good place for me to pull over and 'pull'. Better luck next year :) The teens got along so well all week long. Bringing Emily's boyfriend was a great decision. It made Emily very happy and the boys really liked him. The week flew by, as usual. Our rental ended Saturday morning but on Friday I made a quick decision to leave that night instead. So smart! We were out by 8pm and at our very budget motel in Smithfield, NC by 11. It was great to miss all the vacationers leaving at the same time and to have a 3 hour head start on our trip home. Saturday's drive was easy and a bright blue sky kind of day...my favorite. Unpacking was easy. I finished the day by swimming at the pool and having my DQ.

I spent July 4th in Havre de Grace with Rob. We went to the parade. It's a small town and the parade is a very big deal and huge. It lasted 2 hours! We were sitting in the shade of a huge tree, thank goodness. I got to meet some of Rob's friends. Got to meet his son. Rob loved having me on his turf, and I was glad to be there. We left after the parade and drove to West Chester, PA and I met his family for the first time. They were having a cookout so I got to meet all the people I've heard about including his parents, sister, aunts, cousins, etc. It was great. I found it funny that they were fascinated by my hair. I guess they've never seen naturally curly hair close up! Everyone was very nice and it was about time I met them! We stayed for about 2 hours then drove back to Rob's to watch the fireworks. I drove a few hundred miles that day, but didn't mind at all. I spent the night at Rob's for the first time. He really loved having me at his home and I was glad to be there.

Monday was spent in a haze of caffeine withdrawal. I know from experience that it affects me by zapping my energy. I couldn't do a thing. I laid on the couch. It was depressing. It was too hot to be outside. Finally, after dinner, I went to the pool. That was great. I swam laps. I got happier. I came home and had a great night's sleep.

Back to work has been just great. I love my job. Have you heard how hot it's been around here? Crazy hot. Working in a very nicely air-conditioned building is a great way to spend your days. I went to the pool last night after work and swam my laps. So nice. I picked up Emily on my way home and we went to Dairy Queen for Blizzards. So much for burning up calories!

Well, my lazing time is over. I'm about to head out to my parents. I haven't been there since before vacation. I'll be doing my mom's hair. Maybe going out to lunch. I'm bringing my bathing suit along in the hope my mom will want to go to the pool. I have the whole day ahead of me and I'm sure I'll stay busy. You know me.

Happy Thursday!


KathyA said...

Enjoyed reading this almost as much as I enjoyed catching up yesterday! So glad you're happy in your relationship!!!!!

Want you to see the gardens before they've been destroyed by the heat!

Golden To Silver Val said...

I believe that you have experienced the "perfect" vacation! To relax and unwind is really what its all about and most people forget that. So glad everything went well and you're safely back home (even though I know you wish you could have brought the ocean with you). Yes....*sigh* AC is a wonderful thing. When I was a kid, it was rare and even most stores didn't have it. Long trips in the car were not pleasant in the sweltering heat...that is a VIVID memory. LOLOLOL Hope mom and dad are doing well. Tell them we think of them often and include them in our prayers. Yes we do. Hugs, Cheryl.

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