03 August 2010

Cape Cod, here I am!

I had so much anticipation of my Myrtle Beach vacation that I could hardly stand it. Going to work everyday for the week leading up to it was so hard. It was a wonderful, relaxing vacation; one of the best ever. The transition back to work was easy. I knew, of course, that I was going on another vacation in 4 weeks, to Cape Cod. The time approached, but my feelings were really one of denial. I’m going to drive 9 hours? I’m taking another week off of work and losing the income? I had a great time in Hyannis last year, but I didn’t feel at all ready for another vacation. I did know that it would all work out.

I left Rob’s at 7 AM after a totally sleepless night, wired. The drive was easy. It didn’t really seem that long. I ran into two showers that lasted minutes. Rain and the thought of an accident and never coming home to my life at home were my worst fears. That’s something that’s unusual for me to think, but I was extra careful because of it. I took a few driving pictures while holding my iPhone up, and snapping but not looking. I passed some amazing clouds. I met my Aunt Carolee for lunch just off I-95 on the Connecticut/ Rhode Island border. It was wonderful to catch up with a favorite aunt that I never get to see.

From there it was a two hour drive to Hyannis through scrub pines, old bridges, flat road and blue sky. I came, full of energy and ready for anything. And here I am!

We walked to town for a dinner of seafood stew and lobster rolls at Spanky’s Crab Shack. The stew was especially wonderful. We browsed some art shanties. I was cold, though (such a strange sensation) and we walked back to the house for sweatshirts. We drove back to Main St. and browsed some shops. From there we drove for a very decadent ice cream dessert at a local institution. Nice start to a vacation I’m SO glad I’m on.

Yesterday we set out for Chatham, a wonderful town with lots of memories for me from last year’s visit. Did I mention it was about 75 degrees with clear blue skies and no humidity and a breeze? Yes it was! Bernie and I have very similar tastes in the kinds of shops we like to browse. I bought some stuff from the same store I bought some favorite things from last year. We had lunch at a cafĂ© and ate the same thing. Again. I took many pictures. We did a lot of walking. It was wonderful. We meandered in the car and found the North Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge. We explored. We took the stairs down, down, down to the beach. We walked. We’re looking into a boating excursion to see salt marshes, dunes, seals, lighthouses, etc. We’ll stay away from the sharks. If you look at the map, we'd be exploring the spit of land below Chatham. It’s so nice being on the Cape with a local. On our way back to Hyannis Bernie drove to places she knew I’d like to take pictures of. I loved it. We made our way back to Hyannis and ate out, again. Went grocery shopping, and then came home exhausted. I slept a wonderful sleep. It’s a new day now. It’s time for another adventure.

Later, when I'm at Borders or Panera's or someplace with a better Internet connection, I'll put together a Picasa Web album so I can really share my vacation with you.


KathyA said...

Is that a photo of your aunt?
Glad the trip was uneventful and you're in CC safe and sound. It looks beautiful! Enjoy yourself -- you work hard.

ilene said...

Wow, you are so lucky to have a friend who lives in such a wonderful place!

Jules said...

Hi Cheryl!! I can't wait to see the pictures!! I spent an entire summer on Hyannis Port (in the 70's). Haven't been to the East Coast since! I miss it sometimes.

Have a wonderful time!

ilene said...

And I am sooooo jealous of 75 degree days, and being chilly and needing a sweatshirt! It is in the upper 90"s here in GA

happyone said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation and so glad you're having such a great time.
Ken and I will have to get up that way one of these day.
Enjoy the rest of your trip and have a safe trip back home.

Lena said...

I was there this summer when u were in Myrtle Beach. It is a beautiful place. National Seashore farther north is where we stayed, in North Eastham.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I'm so glad you're having a wonderful vacation. Enjoy!

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