18 August 2010

A note on my Friday

So I went to Stone Harbor. When my cousin asked me to visit on their first day of vacation it sounded like a great idea. I can't believe I drove from Cape Cod to the almost-southern tip of the Jersey shore. I also can't believe I didn't take into account that the shore was a place people would be driving to on a Saturday afternoon to check in to their beach rentals. I got caught in 120 miles of traffic on the Garden State Parkway. Duh. It was pretty darn miserable. I finally got there and beach chair in hand, met my cousins on the beach. Cousin Brian and I grew up best-friend cousins-he in NY, me in MD. We're the same age. The same kind of people. We've shared a bond that stretches more than half a century. The last time we saw each other was 4 years ago. I can't tell you how many times we looked at each other during my visit and just smiled and said how happy we were to be together. I have a series of pictures of the two of us, starting when we were about two. Here's the latest.

Brian, his wife Maureen, and I get along great. We need to plan a real visit, not just an overnight. I hope to visit them again next year on their vacation. A few days would be great. You know how I love vacationing. Stone Harbor is only 3 hours away.

I'm sitting outside on my porch. It's a drizzly, humid eve but only 73 degrees! I'm covered in bug spray. The hummingbirds are really active. It's been so hot, hot, hot here and I've been away so much, that I've missed my porch time. I've got a lot of making up to do before the cold of winter chases me away.

I went to Borders after work today. I had a small latte with an extra shot. At 5:00. I'm gonna pay for that! I called Emily while I was there and we talked on the phone for 32 minutes. Do you have any idea of how big a deal that is??? Do you remember how awful our relationship used to be?? Everyone told me it would get better. I knew it wouldn't. It has and I'm amazed.

Well, I'm in now. It got too dark to see my keyboard. Time to wash off the OFF. Before I go I want to post pictures of my adorable grand-nephew and grand-niece. I sure wish I could see them in person.




Leann said...

It's nice to have a tight bond with family, especially extended family. I too have a cousin like that. The kids are adorable!

Lena said...

How cool that you and your cousin are so close. A very special bond!

The kids are so cute!

It is so nice to hear that you and Emily are getting along better!!

KathyA said...

Liam and Bea are darling!!!!
You've had a really nice summer with your trips and various visits. I'm glad you had the opportunities!

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