04 August 2010

Catching up...days 2&3

Having a great time. Wish you were here.

I love Cape Cod. I get it. I know now why people vacation here. I didn't quite get it last year. The beauty. The landscapes. Ponds and tidal creeks and salt marshes and sand dunes and bays and ocean. Flowers and picket fences and shingled homes. So much color. And lack of color. And so much history.

I have a great big rock in my backyard strand of trees. A small boulder. Would you call something 2 feet high and 4 feet wide a boulder? If so, I have one. I don't have a lot of rocks. I really like rocks. I started collecting rocks for my garden when I first moved into my house. My development was still being built, and as I'd take Emily for walks in the stroller, I'd put all the big rocks I could find in the stroller basket. I didn't get a lot, but they're in my garden. I recently tried to build a toad house, and the pickings available for it were slim. No more.

Before heading to the Sandy Neck Beach, we read about some of the hiking trails. I think there was an 11 mile one. That was a big no. I only had flip flops, but decided I could do a mile or so in them. We set out on the off-road vehicle road. It was all sand. We were surrounded by sand dunes and scrub pines and bayberry bushes and grasses. It was so windswept and wild. And the road wasn’t a road. It was sand, and extremely hard to walk in. We had to laugh at ourselves; we were such a wimpy sight. There was no way on earth we could have hiked. We were lucky to make it up the ‘road’ then down the ramps to the beach. It was all worth it when we saw the rocks. The rocky, rocky, rocky beach at Sandy Neck Beach was rock paradise. I never thought I'd see such a landscape in my life. It was well worth the $15 parking fee for the rocks alone. What makes a beach rocky? Well, I don’t know. I started off by putting one rock in my backpack. Then another. Then another. Then I put some in Bernice’s. And some in my arms. We walked up to the car and put the rocks in the back. It was very hard walking with all those rocks. Bernice waited in the snack bar while I went back for more. What I’ll do with all my rocks…I’m not sure. Check back and you just might see. We came home from that beach and I went to the one a few blocks from the beach. It was very windy. This beach has shells. I had to hold onto my hat the whole time I was there. If you read my last post, you know the rest. A trip to B&N to upload my pics and post.

Today was a quieter day. We hung out at the house before heading into town. The main street of Hyannis is just a few blocks away. We went into most of the shops. I bought a sliver ankle bracelet with 4 silver beads. I’ve always wanted one, and I love the one I found. Bernice bought a Cape Cod bracelet, something she’s wanted for a while. I had a fabulous fresh tomato, mozzarella and basil panini at a little Italian cafĂ© with wonderful iced coffee. We spent hours walking. I bought a gallon-size container of a lavender soap I bought last year that I loved and ran out of. This should last me at least 2 years! I’m so happy to have it again! (Simple pleasure) We came home and Bernice went to her swim class while I went to the local beach again. Windy again, but OK. Nothing like Myrtle Beach as far as water, shoreline, sand, etc…Very different. I wouldn’t think of going in the water here, although that’s what vacationers here do. Bernice and I went out for dinner when she came home. I’m definitely gaining weight on this vacation! I had an Italian Grinder. Finger-licking good. At one point the ‘hots’ were so hot that I got goose bumps from my wrists to my forehead. Delicious! We went to Borders afterward so I could upload my pictures. Home now and I just finished my second bowl of ice cream. Life is grand.

More pictures. Big slide show is probably the way to go, though again, I don't know if you can view the comments. Let me know.

Cape Cod Day 2


Taryn said...

Glad to see that you're having a good vacation and things are going well. Cape Cod really does look pretty, plus the brand Cape Cod makes awesome potato chips... Miss working with you and everyone else in the salon! <3

KathyA said...

I've watched the slide show twice!! You could have quite a few of these made into greeting cards!!

ilene said...

Great pictures. Do you think your car will be able to move with all those rocks you keep talking about?

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