12 August 2010

Still catching up

I'm settled back into my routine at home. Except for my Monday coffee withdrawal, the transition has been easy. The weather, though? Yuck. So hot and humid here. It's been a bad, bad summer for weather in MD and so many other states. We work up to a severe thunderstorm this morning and my first thought was: SO glad for the rain and SO glad that I wasn't driving in it. I was amazed to see how active the hummingbirds were. How could they hover and feed at the feeder in the torrential rain? I don't know but it was great to watch all the activity. They must like the rain? The sun is shining now, and it will probably be another hot and humid day.

I'm working my day off  to make up for some of my vacation time. I worked an extra day before I left too. I work commission so when I don't work, I don't get paid. That means today is a no-coffee day, boohoo. Coffee is one of the reasons I like Thursdays. Can't wait till Saturday after work!

I still have more vacation pictures. We woke up to a beautiful day on Friday and decided to head back to Chatham and the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge. Yeah! Chatham has one of my favorite shops, Yankee Ingenuity, and it was so crowded earlier in the week that I was glad to have time to go back. I bought lots of stuff. For myself :) We headed to the Refuge and waded through the surf to a boat to take us out to see the gray seals. The boat idled a short distance from a large group of pregnant seals. All we could see were heads! The water was shallow, and the 500 lb girls just hang out. The captain was humorous, and the seal facts were fascinating. It was so nice to be surrounded by water and sand bars and nature. We stopped at a favorite Pie shop on the way back for more 7 layer bars. Then to a waterfront restaurant for fish and chips. It was another great day on the Cape. If you'd like to see my pictures, you know what to do.
Last day on the Cape


KathyA said...

Love the photos!! Well, you know how much I love the beach...
So, the dogs wanted you to love him. Does that mean you didn't??

beachgirl said...

I miss the Cape. I haven't been since I lost my Grams 2 summers ago.

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