18 May 2011

Days off are really work days

I wrote this post on Monday eve, on the porch.

I started my day there and I'm ending it in the same place. My favorite place. The in-between portion of the day was no fun! Days off are really work days. The more I do to get ready for this party, the more I see that needs to be done. That should have been done already. Why have I not painted the doors in my house? As in ever. The windowsills need painting...the outside sills are almost down to wood. How did that happen? The column on my porch needs painting and the ceiling is full of dead bugs and webs and dirt. My sidewalk needs to be power-washed but to do it will blast the mulch. The front of my house got egged a long time ago and the soffit is blackish in spots. I haven't looked up in a while and forgot what it looked like. Did I say I'm feeling overwhelmed? It would be so nice to have help! Those of you who have spouses that share in the load are fortunate. I spent hours today cleaning my kitchen. I used Soft Scrub to clean the outside of every cabinet and drawer and all the counters and the refrigerator. It was no fun. I took apart the vent/fan thingie over the stove (for the first time) and had to use Goo-Gone to get through the grease. Yuck. Goo-Gone, by the way is great on a lot of stuff. Like stainless steel. I used it on my toaster oven. And the front of my microwave. I cleaned a bunch of windows (not with Goo-gone) but have many more to go. I put a lot of stuff away. It doesn't look like I did anything. The good news is that I know it will all come together and what needs to get done will get done. My nice neighbor installed the outside lights for me this afternoon and they look 100% better than the old ones. I was his helper. I'm going to install a new deck light now that I know how to do it. I put on a new toilet seat today. That was easy. On Thursday I'm having a new kitchen faucet installed and I'm excited about that. My frugalness in other parts of my life has paid off and allows me to spend the money I need to on my house. Did I mention I need a new roof? No fun. I think it's the last expensive thing I need to do for a while. I hope. Except for a new bathroom floor.


Ilene said...

Wow! What a workhorse you are. And I'm impressed with all the things you can do. Remember, no one is going to notice the things that seem glaring to you. Your house always looks nice, and if there are bugs on the roof, oh well!

happyone said...

Oh it seems like it never ends with the things that need to get done.
One thing to remember though, most people won't notice any of those things that you don't get to finish.

Noofy said...

Happyone is right, most people don't notice. Ugh, we're saving for a new roof too. We're hoping to make it through the winter of 2011-12 on the old one maybe next summer for a new roof, we'll see. I don't think I would living in a house if I were single, I just couldn't keep up. You're doing a better job than I could, be proud!

Jamie said...

No way I could (or would) try to keep up with a house all alone. Kudos to you for managing..and you are managing, you are just impatient. LOL

You know that you will get it all done, in plenty of time. Like me, you probably need the panic to keep you on it.

Have a great day, friend. Hugs. :)

KathyA said...

Just think how nice your house will be after the party?!! And where does one find Goo-Gone? Because I have some goo that needs to be gone....

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