03 June 2011

In the middle of busy

I'm in the middle of busy! The awards ceremony yesterday was sweet. It was also Prom Day, and it was wonderful. Today was sous chef day, if that's the right word. I chopped and assembled for hours and hours. My refrigerator is filled with labeled gallon storage bags. Almost everything is ready to go for Sunday's party. Tonight was the Senior Family Picnic. It was catered with ribs, bar-b-q chicken, potato salad, beans, etc. I ate like I'd never get to taste a rib again. SO full! Tomorrow is more cooking and cleaning and getting ready for the party on Sunday. It's also Graduation!!!

Here's a link to Emily's prom pictures. I think the pictures are larger when viewed as a slideshow. Enjoy! Personally, I think Emily looks stunning. I'm prejudiced, of course.


happyone said...

Emily does look gorgeous and I LOVE her dress!
I'd like one!!
Don't forget to enjoy yourself too! : )
Congratulations to Emily!!!

Lena said...

Emily is so beautiful! What a good looking and happy couple! She is the spitting image of you.

What a wonderful time for you all. Enjoy!

Noofy said...

Anxious to hear how Sunday's party went or is it a picnic? I'll say it again, Emily is her mother's daughter....and neither of you take a bad picture! Congrats Emily, well done Cheryl!

Moohaa said...

Emily IS stunning!!! That dress is to die for.


Retired Knitter said...

Oh no, you are correct! She is stunning. What a beautiful girl and she looks great in the dress.

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