17 June 2011

No man-cave for me

I was sitting outside this morning, really enjoying being outside. Listening to the birds. Surrounded by nature. I was thinking how much being outside means to me. Then I thought of all the people that stay inside all the time, and prefer it. They don't feel like they're missing out on something when they're inside, like I do. Then I thought of how bright my house is. I have 24 windows plus two skylights plus a french door. Lots of light. I don't understand how people like dark houses, but I know that many do. I think maybe I'm not into cozy. If I were a man, I wouldn't have a man-cave.

In other news, I'm beat from working two 11-7 days in a row. It's hard being on your feet and busy for that many hours in a row. One more day to go, then I get to do my Saturday thing :)

I'll be spending Sunday with my parents; they're having a Father's Day luncheon at The Annapolitan. My sister Lisa will be there too. I can't believe how well the transition has been to their new abode. Still no regrets, only praise.

And that's a slice. Over and out for tired me.


KathyA said...

I'm glad it's worked out for them, too (Knock wood!). It's got to be so much easier on you!

Noofy said...

I like being outdoors too, just not when it is humid and sticky and bugs flying in my nose and ears. I'm sitting at my (air conditioned) kitchen table that looks onto my backyard facing the woods. This morning I saw a deer and a fox chasing the deer. They were too fast for my camera. Enjoy your day with your family on Father's Day. You are blessed to still have him.

happyone said...

You certainly know that I, like you, love being outside and having a nice bright house.
I also like cozy on rainy, or cold winter days.
Enjoy your day today and tomorrow with your family. So glad things have worked out well for your mom and dad.

Lena said...

It is so good that your mom and dad are happy!

I love the out doors, too. I am not as good as you about getting out there to enjoy it. I must change my ways, especially after the winter we had!

Have a great time with your family!

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