19 June 2011

this that and Father's Day

My laptop is almost 6 years old. Isn't that amazing? I have no clue what I'll replace it with when it finally kicks the bucket. It's so old that the letters have worn off 10 of the alphabet keys. I have such a hard time making electronic decisions. I annoy myself because I research everything to death. I'd like someone else to do the research and just tell me what to buy.

I still want a iPad. I knew I didn't want the first one. I was sure I'd get the second one. Now I'll wait till the third, or the fourth, or the fifth. I hate how fast technology changes and how disposable everything is. The newest is never new for long.

Happy Father's Day, dear old dad

My sister and I joined my parent's for a luncheon celebrating fathers at The Annapolitan. They served a choice of crabcakes or prime rib, salad, baked potato, and greenbeans. Dessert was a nice sheetcake. Here we are...

It's always interesting to observe visitors with their family. Some never have visitors. Others, like my parents, have them frequently. One resident, Fran, who I met when my parents moved in, is very intelligent and talkative. Her daughter came for the Mother's Day luncheon and they sat like stones, not saying a word to each other. The same thing happened today and I'm guessing they don't like each other much. I think a lot of the residents are happy to be where they are without being watched over and told what to do by their children. I think a lot of the children are glad to have someone else watching over their parents. I'm glad in so many ways that my parents are where they are and that I can be a visitor. Of course, I really wish they could be healthy and self-sufficient at home. And of course, I do so much more than just visit.

I'll end with a funny thing. Here's a screenshot of a text between Emily and me:

I called her as soon as I got it saying, "You're in Philadelphia??" She had no clue what I was talking about. I told her she texted it to me. Turns out her iPhone auto-corrected "Phils dad" to "Philadelphia". Cute


Jamie said...

Omgosh....it's just like the auto correct website! damyouautocorrect.com

I am happy that you still have both your parents and that you can spend all the time that you can spare with them. Your dad even looks pretty happy today.

Happy day off for you, happy monday (UGH) for me. Hugs, friend. :)

Noofy said...

You are truly blessed to have them both. My father passed away on Father's Day, 1975. What I wouldn't give to have a conversation with him now. I hold onto the good memories.

I gave up trying to learn to text. I couldn't live with the auto correct. There's supposedly a way to turn it off that would mean reading all the menus or the manual to figure that out. I'm safer without texting. I'm good with a quick call.

Retired Knitter said...

I got an iPad on the first go-round. The moment I saw that technology I knew I had to have it. And I wasn't sorry I got it so soon. I wanted it for specific reasons and the first version fit those reasons perfectly.

Technology does change very very fast. I am happy to get the first version, enjoy the technology and then maybe on version 5 or 6, get the upgrade.

We are big apple fans!

Sarah said...

Philadelphia's not too far. :) Oh, that's funny! Miss you all!

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