27 November 2011

Full, but quiet

I've been off of work for 4 days, and believe it or not, I'm ready to go back. I've kept busy, but I've been mostly alone. It's a little too quiet already! I've filled up all the time, though, with good stuff. We've had fabulous weather, which has been a gift. I've gone walking each day; something I haven't done for a while. It's felt so good to just move. Today I cleared a large swath in my basement. It's such a mess, but better than it was. I swept the cleared area. I filled an outdoor trash bag with Beanie Babies to donate. Yeah, I was one of those dumb collectors back when. I emptied out my outdoor clay pots and put them away. I planted 60 red tulip bulbs (I can't wait to see them in the spring!). I sat on my deck in shorts and read my book. I went to Sam's Club and a few other stores. It was so hard not to buy myself an impulse gift! I resisted the urge to get a pizza and came home and made a healthy meal.

My house is mostly decorated for the holidays, inside and out. I've done a little shopping. I'm still not feeling the holiday spirit,though. Rob will be here this week and he'll help me decorate the tree. I don't want to sound bah humbug, but the tree is my least favorite thing to do. It'll look great when it's done and hopefully get me closer to feeling festive. I'm hosting my book club holiday party next Sunday, and my big holiday party the following Saturday. I have to be ready. Ho ho ho.

Time to get back to the book I'm reading, Cutting For Stone, by Abraham Verghese. Has anyone read it? It's a very long book...667 pages. I feel like I'm living the story. I'll be sad when it ends.


Lena said...

Funny, on Thanksgiving we were talking about Beanie Babies.

You sure did quite a bit over these past few days. It was good of you to drive your parents to their relative's house for Thanksgiving, sounds like it was exhausting.

Wow, that is some long book. I never heard of it. I will check it out.

Leann said...

Enjoy your book. It's nice to get lost in them.

Noofy said...

Wow, you've been busy. I'm wore out just reading everything you've been doing. I can't wait for this knee to be better, so much I want and need to do. Hope your time with Rob will put you in the spirit of the season. That books is certainly going to last you awhile, enjoy it.

happyone said...

Sounds like you've been busy and have gotten a lot done.
I haven't even thought about decorating yet.

KathyA said...

LOVED that book!!!

Well, it may have been quiet, but you had a really good weekend -- you got lots done!

happyone said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying the parties, but sorry to hear that you mom as fallen again.
I'll see you tomorrow. Thinking about having you cut it a bit shorter than usual.

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