25 November 2011

Happy (Black) Friday

I have so many random thoughts jumping around...

My mom's caregiver, Pat, just called to tell me my mom is showered and has her favorite body lotion on, and she's very happy and ready for bed. I am SO thankful that my parents are where they are and SO well-taken care of. I picked my parents up yesterday to bring them to my relatives for Thanksgiving. What a trip! It's 22 miles from my house to my parents, and 52 miles from their place to my Aunt and Uncle's. We met my daughter at a parking lot mid-way, and she followed us in her car. About 5 miles from our destination her car broke down. Long story short, we had the car pushed out of the road and onto the grassy median, then went to the house. Many phone calls later we found a tow truck willing to work on a holiday, and met the truck and dropped the car at a service station my cousin uses. Whew. Stress. I thought to myself, I'm thankful that it's a car problem and not an accident or the hospital. Back at the house, my mom was having such a hard time. Her walking days are almost over. She needed so much help while we were there and I was the only one to do it. I had to remind myself that I'm so thankful my mom is still alive and that I can be of help to her. We finally left for the long drive home that included a stop at my house so my daughter could gather some of her things to bring to her friend's, where she was spending the night. I dropped her off there, then proceeded to my parent's place. Pat, Mom's favorite caregiver (who I had called to give our ETA) was watching for my car from the entry. She came out and got Mom out of the car and into her scooter. I gave her a big hug and thank-you, then drove away, knowing that my parents would be taken care of. I was almost slap-happy with weariness when I got to my house. It was an almost 200-mile day! I think it's a last for my parents going to my Aunt and Uncle's for Thanksgiving. It's just too hard.

The news on my daughter's car is that it's the transmission. The shop ordered a rebuilt transmission and it will be ready in a few days. Then we'll need to make the long trip to get it. Ho ho ho.

I wonder if retailers will reconsider their Black Friday strategies after the fiascoes that occurred today. Shame on people for their behavior. I was looking at my previous post about the excitement I felt the year I got my mixer. I had forgotten about the fear I felt when a bunch of women behind me rushed the doors and plowed through the crowd to get to what they wanted. Black Friday is designed to create a lust for almost unattainable merchandise.

Tomorrow marks the last day of 12 days on Methylprednisolone for my pinched nerve. It's not all better, unfortunately. I really hated taking that medicine...I think it affected my mood, my sleep, etc. I just cancelled my doctor's appointment scheduled for Monday because I'm afraid to get a Cortisone injection because of the pain. Hope along with me that the pinched nerve will get better with time, OK?

And that's the end of my rambling for now. I'm so glad I found my muse, for a change.


Leann said...

It must be such a relief for you and your family knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that your parents are being well taken care of. Bless them for all they do. It sounds like you had a stressful day and I"m sorry to hear that. Black Friday.....I guess I'm just not materialistic enough to enjoy it?

Noofy said...

You are truly blessed to have BOTH your parents AND to have them well taken care of. I know it is difficult knowing as the years pass, they lose a bit of their faculties. I have an aunt that just turned 80, she had a small stroke in September. Fortunately, she was lucky enough to retain her mobility somewhat (uses a walker). Unfortunately, her memory is gone. She remember things from 20-40 years ago but cannot recognize her grandchildren or remember the passing of her husband and siblings. So many battles with aging. Hopefully, the holidays will be a little easier on you. I hope Emily doesn't have too much problem with her car repair. BTW, we welcome rambling, isn't that blogging is for? :)

happyone said...

I too am so glad that your parents are well taken care of and you don't have to worry about them!
Hope Emily doesn't have to wait too long for her car to get fixed. There is nothing i want bad enough that would make me go shopping on Black Friday.
Hoping with you and praying that your pinched nerve will get better.
Have a great Saturday!!

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