14 November 2011


I had so much to say, and pictures to post, but I'm too tired now. If only I had started this hours ago.

I saw the doctor this morning, and the diagnosis is a pinched nerve. "Neuritis of the right radial nerve." He thinks I must have banged or bumped my wrist at some point. It could have been, but it must have been inconsequential at the time because I don't remember having the pain until the one time I extended my wrist 'just so'. Tomorrow I'll start on a 2-week course of steroids. He's hopeful that the drugs will do the trick. Me too. I'm SO glad that's what the problem is and that he didn't mention surgery. He did mention a shot if the steroids don't work. I'll go back to see the doctor in two weeks, unless I'm healed in which case he told me to cancel. Here's hoping for healing!


Lena said...

My husband has a pitched nerve on his neck. His doctor sent him to physical therapy. He has only gone twice, so it will take some time. He is still hurting.

I hope your pain will go away soon! Good luck!

Susan @ A Slice of My Life said...

I hope your wrist heals quickly. I never really thought about it, but we need our hands for so much.

I agree with the whole you have to blog regularly to make it routine. I signed up for NaBloPoMo, and after months of erratic posting this every day thing is tough. It seems to be getting easier though. Keep it up Cheryl!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Here's to healing quickly. I'm glad it wasn't anything worse. In your line of work, you probably use your wrist a lot more than most people. Keep a positive attitude....oh wait...you already have one of those!!! Get well soon, friend.

happyone said...

Sure hope your wrist heals quickly. I'll send up a prayer for you! : )

Leann said...

You do what you're suppose to do and your body will do the rest :-) Here's to quick healing.

Noofy said...

I'm catching up on blogs. Good to hear that a name was given to the pain - and better yet, treatment! This is the part of getting older that is aggravating...when we don't remember how we hurt ourselves. Godspeed on a short road of recovery.

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