22 December 2013

A rewarding day

I just got in from walking Sparky. How in the world can it be 61° at 9 PM in Maryland on the first day of winter? It feels like spring. I'll take this reprieve with nary a complaint. The cold weather will return.

This is a house around the corner from my cul-de-sac. I call it The Monstrocity, year round. It's very well-lit for Christmas, don't you think? It's so over-the-top that I kind of like it. Hee hee.

I had a wonderfully relaxing Sunday morning; something I don't usually get to/allow myself to experience. I got into wrapping mode around noon, while listening to Christmas music, and completed all I had to do. Unfortunately, there's no tree to put the gifts under. I'll blame it on Sparky. He gets into every single thing. Of course he also gives me a good excuse for not having to put up a tree. It's not that I'm bah-humbug. It's just that, as everyone knows, it's a hard job to do all by yourself and it becomes a job instead of a joy. I look forward to the day I'll have my Christmas house again. All decked-out. My Christmas will be very low-key (notice all the hyphen's? what's with that?) this year. I'll go to The Annapolitan to attend the Christmas Eve luncheon with my parents. I'll have my daughter with me for the first part of Christmas Day. That's our tradition; she goes to her dad's in the afternoon. I'm not concerned with the rest of the day... I always find a way to fill a day. I have some fun plans for the few days after Christmas. Looking forward to that.

I went to my gym in the late afternoon today. It was almost empty. I had a question about the treadmill, and one of the trainers was nice enough to help me.  He also had me work out on some of the equipment I should be using. He killed me! I wish it wasn't so darn expensive to have a personal trainer at this gym. I would love to have a program set up for me. I'll just have to go when it's really slow, like on a late Sunday afternoon, and ask for help like I did today. I walked a mile on these stairs. I liked it.

I swam a mile. I have to play mind games with myself while I do it. I swim 6 sets of six laps. It takes me almost an hour to do it. It's hard, but oh-so rewarding when it's over. Right at the moment I'm being reminded. I'm feeling the reward. Soon I'm going to put IcyHot on it.

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happyone said...

I remember seeing that house. It is kind of neat looking with it all lit up. : )
Maybe just getting a smaller tree would be easier for you.
Ours is just 4 feet and I've been decorating the tree by myself for years now, since the kids were teens.

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