10 December 2013

Embracing what is

If today were summer, I would have spent the whole day outside. Seasons are good, Cheryl. I must remember that. This is inside season. Books and TV and reading and cooking, and coffee shops and time on the couch under a blanket. See...I'm embracing it. Last winter I welcomed the sight of bare tree limbs against a blue sky. I'm not sure what will light my fire this year.

It snowed today for the second time this week. It was beautiful. I stayed home from work because I had a light schedule. I walked Sparky a few half-miles. I'm fortunate he likes the snow.

One reason to appreciate winter. Nature.

Sparky blends right in.

Snow-covered gumballs.

I spent a good part of the day cleaning out kitchen drawers. Some have not been cleaned in a decade. It was frustrating and fulfilling. I have many more to go. My good friend Kit once asked me what my goals were. I told her to clean out my basement. Clearly she meant something deeper than that. I was being serious. I would be so happy to clean out all my closets and drawers and my basement this year.

My mood lifted today when I said enough to the cleaning and went walking. I walked Sparky a half mile then crated him and walked another 2 miles. I only have 25 miles left to reach my goal. I'll tell you what it is when I'm there. I came back feeling revived and happy. Remember when we were kids and our mothers made us stay outside? Who knew then what good fresh air does for the soul.

I've been going to the gym on a regular basis. Yesterday was the first day I used the treadmill. Boring! I had my music on, and read the closed-captioning on the TV's (The Real Wifes of Somewhere and CNN), but it was still boring. I plan to download a audiobook. I also plan to walk outside all winter, weather permitting. I've been swimming everytime I go to the pool, then using the sauna. I'm really happy I 'joined'.

Last night my book club meeting was at my house. A great time was had by all. We were five people short. Thirteen of us together makes for quite a rowdy bunch. 

Time to put this tired girl to bed. I'm working half a day tomorrow and then going with a friend to Kennett Square, PA to The Longwood Gardens Christmas, something I've always wanted to experience.

Till the next time....

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Forsythia said...

Yesterday's snow was kind of a disappointment. Things got cancelled and postponed and pushed to later in the week that didn't need to be cancelled, postponed or pushed. Oh well.

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