06 January 2014


Time really does fly. Wasn't it just Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's? I hope this winter flies by. It's my least favorite season. Of course as I write this it's -2° with the wind chill and the wind is absolutely howling. I just came in from taking Sparky (Barky) out and it was frigid. I know it's a whole lot colder in other parts of the country. We all have reason to complain about the weather. The polar vortex. I'm very, very thankful that I have a warm home to shelter me from the cold, and that it's not snowing. 

To catch up...I had a great New Year's Eve in Annapolis. I went with my new 'friend' to dinner at his best friend's house. He and his wife were wonderful. So nice to meet them. We proceded to 'crash' about 4 parties of neighbors of theirs. They were really happy to have us stop by. We watched fireworks from City Dock at midnight, then went to Middleton Tavern and danced till they closed. It was the first year in many that I went out for New Year's. It was especially nice that we could walk everywhere.

It was hard getting back into the work routine after having many days off during the holidays. I was thinking that tomorrow would start my first real work week, then remembered I'm going away next weekend. More about that later. I'm excited!

I'm so glad I decorated lightly for the holidays since I haven't put anything away.

Last night we went out with my friend's other best friend and his wife. We went to a place called Mustang Alley Bar Bowling and Bistro in the Camden neighborhood of Baltimore. What a great place. They have 12 lanes. It was a blast. We bowled duckpins. I was pretty bad but with the wine, it didn't matter. 

I went to the gym yesterday and today. Yea me. I hadn't been in over a week. Yesterday I did the treadmill while listening to my audio book. I swam 1/3 of a mile. Today the place was packed and I saw that every treadmill was being used. I skipped that part and swam a mile. The whole front of the building is glass. I was able to watch the sunset as I swam. How cool is that? I rested in the sauna after swimming. I find that very peaceful. I tried to meditate. Om.

Time to put this sore body to bed. Can't wait to get warm!


bettyC said...


bettyC said...

Oops, the smiley face didn't show up.

Forsythia said...

Enjoyed "seeing" you swimming and watching the sunset. Not only is it cool, it actually sounds "cold." But you were inside, and I hope the pool was somewhat heated. BRRRR. The happiest of New Year's to you.

happyone said...

Nice shoes!! : )

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