01 March 2014

A woman's best friends

For once, I'm not writing from a coffeehouse. Not to say I wasn't in one today. It's Saturday, after all.

This is my view. The Valentine's roses have lasted a long time!  

I'm having a quiet night at home. No one to play with but the dogs. Actually, they're quite entertaining to watch. I only have Caylib for a few more days and we'll miss him a lot when he's gone. He and Sparky play, play, play. Caylib doesn't bark, he prances, he tosses toys in the air, he snuggles, and his greatest joy in life is retrieving balls that are kicked to him outside. And he keeps a ball in his mouth whenever he's outside. Did I mention he doesn't bark? Barking is my #1 complaint about Sparky, who is very cute. I wouldn't want it to sound like I have a favorite. No, not me :-)

The last part of my workday was very stressful. I had a new client for highlights and a haircut and for some reason, I became very anxious, which led me to being very, very anxious. I knew I'd get over it, but it took what seemed like forever. By the time the highlights were over and it was time for her haircut, I was absolutely fine. Go figure. She loved her hair. Relaxing at Starbucks afterward never felt so good. 

I think I'll watch me some House of Cards now, snuggled up under a blanket. I hope the barker feels like snuggling. (Unlikely)


Forsythia said...

Sorry your doggie is a barker. That would get on my nerves! We watch our daughter's overgrown pointer-mix. If she sees you putting on shoes or a coat, she thinks she's going to go for a walk. Then she whines and whines and whines.:-(

happyone said...

Try this for barking. Take a can and put a few stones in it. Every time Sparky barks say NO and shake the can. He won't like the noise and will stop barking. It worked for a barking dog that I had. : )

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