08 June 2014

Thoughts from my deck

In the past, I'd write, "I'm sitting on my porch, overlooking my garden, watching for my hummingbirds." Nowadays I'm more likely to be sitting on my deck. I wonder what changed? They're both great places to hang out. I love my house and garden.

I have such a hard time sitting still! I'll write and then drink my coffee, then do something. Dusting and vacuuming  are on my mind. I should water my garden first, though. I will. Then I have to think about what to do today. That revolves around my bronchitis.

What a pain that has been! I've been following everyone's advice and taking it easy. That meant not kayaking last weekend. Not swimming. Not biking with Kit yesterday. Cancelling a hiking trip today. My happy is being busy. So, it's been a little depressing but...it's only temporary. I went to my primary care doctor on Wednesday and she prescribed 2 inhalers. I haven't needed the 'recovery' one. I've used the steroid one for two days and I really see an improvement. All along it hasn't been the cough. In fact, I'm not coughing at all anymore. Hardly. It's been the shortness of breath. That's what's improved. So, my thoughts for today are taking a long bike ride and then going to the pool. I know I shouldn't do the ride, but I want to. So, we'll see.

*I took a break and watered my garden and planted a pot of flowers and decided to be smart and not do a bike trip. I will do some vacuuming, but not all at once. I'll sit on my lounge chair and listen to my audiobook. I'll go to the pool later. I will concentrate on getting better! I have a bike trip scheduled next weekend with a Meetup group in Kent Island including brunch. My goal will be to be perfectly healthy by then. Healthier and happier.

Sparky watching me watering, wishing he was on the other side of the door.


KathyA said...

Wise decisions, Girlfriend! Glad you are on the mend!

Josie Two Shoes said...

I know your are mentally pacing the deck as you rest there, but it will pay off in the long run when you are ready for that bike ride next weekend! I have had that suffocating bronchitis feeling more than once, and I know it gets your attention quickly. I'll be happy for you when you get this bad stuff licked!

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